micro market

for the office

Tasty and affordable food directly at work all day

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Revolutionise how your team eats at work!

✓ A practical solution for food at work
Fits everywhere, being just 1,5 m² big.
✓ The best employee perk
Treat your most valuable employees and make their workday even more enjoyable.
✓ Attract young talent
To catch the eye of the smart minds.
✓ Brainfood to improve productivity
Nutritious and affordable meals, snacks and drinks directly near the desk.

Our food offer: for everyone’s unique taste

Fresh from the farm to your desk

We provide nutritious products, produced by a family-owned farming business, that match the preferences of all your employee’s tastes and dietary restrictions.

How does it work?

Pay & Go: Lunch in less than 10 seconds


Activate the personal card by registering a preferred payment method online


Open the fridge with a card/fingerprint, grab the food and pay using the self-checkout


We will send you a bill with your weekly purchases at the end of the week

Payment methods accepted

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