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Delicious, healthy, and fresh food anytime at office or home office for you and your teams 

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Our Christmas products for a very special celebration

HelloFreshGO Fresh Box Christmas Edition

Delicious Christmas dinner and winter snacks delivered to the office or directly to your employees at home. Our HelloFreshGO Fresh Box brings great Christmas mood, no matter where you or your employees are.

HelloFreshGO Snack Box Christmas Edition

Our Snack Box is the ideal Christmas present for your employees or customers. We have holiday classics for you and provide warmth with mulled wine and hot chocolate.

Revolutionise how your team eats at work

A practical solution for food at work
Fits everywhere, being just 0,8 m² big.
The best employee perk
Treat your most valuable employees!
Attract young talent
To catch the eye of smart minds.
Brainfood to improve productivity
Nutritious and affordable meals, snacks
and drinks near the desk.

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Delicious and affordable catering subscription service

Keep your employees motivated
Remind your employees you care
Expertly curated range
From sandwiches and wraps to to salads and ready meals
Increase productivity
Fresh food & snacks no matter the hour of day
Easy ordering
With a few clicks anyone can order online

Our food offer: for everyone’s unique taste

We provide nutritious products that match the preferences of all your employee’s tastes and dietary restrictions.




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