HelloFreshGOes Home Office (Blog Series) – Help Your Employees Manage Their Time Efficiently

HelloFreshGOes Home Office (Blog Series) – Help Your Employees Manage Their Time Efficiently

HelloFreshGOes Home Office (Blog Series) – Help Your Employees Manage Their Time Efficiently 3888 2592 HelloFreshGo

Topic 2. Help your employees manage their time efficiently, when the boundaries between private and professional environment blur

Last week we kicked-off our home office blog series. Our first article dealt with the topic of how to keep your employees engaged during times of home office. In this week’s article we are focusing on how you can help them in easing their way of working from home. 

The productivity of your employees at work is strongly dependent on how successfully they manage their time. While many people struggle with time management under normal conditions, time management gets even harder when working from the comfort or challenges of home. The amount of possible distractions are endless, from cleaning the house, having to cook or getting defocussed while working from the couch. Particularly in times when the entire household is at home, distractions can also arise through partners, roommates or kids. 

To boost not only yours but also your team’s productivity, we want to provide you some time management tips this week that you can directly share with your employees:

Separate private and work life   

In order to keep personal and professional life balanced and get most out of both, it is important to clearly separate them. It is important that your employees build a basic home office workplace structure by finding a dedicated work space and organizing it. As soon as the home office workplace is set up, help them set clear working hours and lunch breaks. And avoid a long lunchtime break or save them the time dealing with cooking or cleaning by sending them ready meals like HelloFreshGO Box Home Office, similar to how convenient it was with an office canteen. 

Have meeting rules

Staying up-to-date with your team becomes harder when working remotely. While you can update each other easily with a quick huddle, coffee together or you can just walk over to your colleagues desk in the office, keeping each other updated during times of home office can easily result in lengthy or many meetings. To keep your meetings structured, come up with a short list of meeting rules that everyone has to follow. Work with your team and determine together what the best frequency of meetings is and what their purpose should be. 

Schedule Focus time slots

Advise your employees to structure the calendar not only for meetings but also to set up ‘focus’ time slots to get work done. By locking focussed slots for specific projects, staying on track with deadlines is easy. Although priorities may come up, try to stick to focus slots as much as possible.

Trust and motivate your team

If you are in a managerial position, trusting your team to deliver in time, during home office can be challenging for some. Besides the technology and the tools available like Slack or Asana – discuss weekly work goals in virtual team meetings at the beginning of the week and also give virtual kudos. This can not only help everyone stay accountable, but can also offer the same level of transparency and competitiveness as in physical office team meetings. Also, build trust by showing your company’s appreciation for your employees and offer them similar perks, they probably received in offices. Sending a box of goodies like snacks from HelloFreshGO, can show your appreciation for their hard work and can be a real motivator for many employees. 

Time is one of our most valuable, if not the most valuable, resource. Today, when everyone is working from home, time management has changed from being a tool for productivity to additionally being a tool to create more stability. While managing your working time efficiently to get all tasks done, do not forget to also schedule some bonding time to keep your team connected. Schedule for instance a weekly team lunch during which you can catch up personally, while enjoying a HelloFreshGo Box Home Office together. This healthy lunch care package will further help your employees to manage their time and increase their productivity by providing them with a nutritious ready made lunch. And instead of wasting their time on cooking, your employees can set time away for eating, while still being able to enjoy a fresh and healthy lunch.

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