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Higher quality standards, new products and charitable efforts: CEO Dr. Markus Schneider shows how HelloFreshGO is dealing with the Corona crisis.
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Dear customers and friends of HelloFreshGO,

These are extraordinary times. They have surprised us all with unexpected challenges and a new reality that we must prepare for, even as things return to normal. As the Managing Director and CEO of HelloFreshGO, I would like to share with you how we are dealing with the COVID-19 situation and what steps we have proactively taken as a major provider of food services in Germany.

First and foremost, the health of each and every one of us must be our top priority. We – the entire HelloFreshGO team and I personally – thank all doctors, nurses and healthcare workers for keeping us all safe even under the most difficult conditions.

We continue to be here for you and work as usual to meet your needs. In fact, we’ve expanded our product portfolio for this reason. Many businesses, including hospitals, emergency services and companies that are unable to deploy their entire workforce to work from home, rely on fresh, healthy and hygienically prepared food every day. We take this responsibility very seriously as a company, and I want to assure you that we are aware of the importance of our service to our customers in these times.

In addition to implementing extreme measures externally to ensure the health and safety of our customers, we also do everything we can internally to ensure the health and safety of our employees, partners and delivery staff.


Even higher hygiene and quality standards

The good news is that we have always maintained the best health and hygiene standards in our practices and supply chain processes. Meals are prepared and packaged with the utmost care. We strictly adhere to European and German food safety rules. In addition, we have adopted all recommendations of the RKI in relation to the current situation.


Availability for system-relevant companies or companies still operating from offices

Although during the Corona crisis many of our employees are working from home, at HelloFreshGO we continue to work hard to fulfill our mission of fresh and healthy food in the workplace, especially for those who need it most right now, such as hospitals (e.g. Charité) and employees who do not have the luxury of working from home. We have also introduced a weekend delivery service to provide more flexibility and round-the-clock service.


Introducing new products to meet your needs

Based on our customers’ needs, we introduced HelloFreshGO Box, a catering box solution from HelloFreshGO. The prepaid box with lunch, salads, wraps, bagels and breakfast selections was quickly developed as a short-term solution for any company that cannot use the Smart Fridge service and wants to serve a smaller group of employees.


HFGO contributes to the community

In recent weeks, HelloFreshGO has donated over 50,000 euros worth of food to charitable and system-relevant institutions, including the Tafel in Stuttgart, Hamburg and Frankfurt. In Berlin, we were able to support the Bethel Hospital, the Berlin Angels, the Charité and the LMU Hospital in Munich.


Customer service

Our sales and customer service teams strive to answer all questions as quickly as possible. Due to the high volume of calls, wait times can sometimes be longer than usual. If you are interested in our products, you can email us at sales@hellofreshgo.com. For general questions and feedback, you can email us at info@hellofreshgo.de or use our online chat on the website.

In conclusion, I would like to say that every crisis comes with a series of challenges, but also with hidden opportunities. During this time, we have become even more customer-centric and agile in responding to changing needs. The newly launched HelloFreshGO Box is the result of listening closely to our customers and understanding their needs. During this crisis, we all learned that availability is another key to success that we will continue to work on. Most importantly, our weekend delivery service will be expanded to ensure around-the-clock availability everywhere.

As COVID-19 pushes us to embrace the new reality and the way we all organize our lives, I am committed to supporting our customers and viewers of our HelloFreshGO community in any way I can. You can count on me as we navigate this extraordinary situation together.

Thank you for your confidence in HelloFreshGO. Stay well.

– Markus 

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