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Two-sided business model (B2B2C) enabling companies to offer their employees healthy nutrition at the workplace.
Spin-off from HelloFresh SE, since July 2019 with additional investors.
Market leader in Germany in the booming market of fresh unmanned food retail.

We serve companies of all sizes across various industries.

As of Jan 2021, we have 24.000 Active Customers per Week and aiming to 2x this by beginning of 2022.

We cater for all tastes,
dietary needs & preferences.

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What our leaders have to say

Profiles from the

For 10 years, Markus and Felix worked for respected firms as strategy consultants. Among many achievemnents in their extensive career, one seed was slowly but steadily growing in their mind: how difficult it can be to get good food at work? They both knew well the feeling of working late at the office on a tight deadline and on the other end, their stomachs screaming for attention.

It was an instant match when they decided to take the promising spin-off project from HelloFresh and revolutionize how people eat in the office with HelloFreshGO.
Dr. Markus Schneider
Markus was born and raised in Bavaria and brings his passion for good food and wine to every project he works on. As an expert in tech and employee development, Markus helps to bring HelloFreshGO to a successful future, combining his love for good food and his management expertise to ensure the best possible customer experience.
Dr. Felix Wagemann
Felix is the “northern light” in the management team. With his passion for sports and health, he ensures a focus on health and quality at HelloFreshGO – for the products, but also for the employees. He is a natural at developing organizations and optimizing operations.

Don’t Waste Your Time!

HelloFreshGO is led by a team of experienced serial entrepreneurs and investors.

You can join the team and get to work at a breakthrough company that is revolutionizing the food-tech industry.

You get to do this in an ultra-energetic, fun environment, surrounded by the best people anyone could hope for. Apply today!

Our core values

A Way of Life Built on 5 Values

Here at HelloFreshGO, we believe there’s a better way to be — not just as service-providers, but as humans.

We’re here to create a space where everyone’s welcome, whether they’re learning about logistics for the first time or building world-class supply-chains.

Prioritize the Customer

Our customer-centric philosophy guides everything we do. It’s the foundation of our business and allows us to deliver outstanding value for our customers every step of the way.

Navigate by Data
We love to navigate, prioritize and make decisions based on numbers. That way, we work efficiently and increase our success even further.
Be Fast and Agile
We’re like a speed boat – we run fast, fail fast, and repeat until we win. In doing so, we remain flexible and can quickly adapt to unforeseen situations.
Stay Hungry for Growth
We are always motivated to keep growing and learning – as individuals and as a company. Our mission is to bring great food to every workplace, and it’s far from over.
Win as a Team

Our HelloFreshGO team is a family. We work together towards our corporate goals, celebrate every win together and can always rely on each other when a challenge arises.

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