Make your employees happy

Loyalty goes through the stomach


Make your employees happy

Loyalty goes through the stomach

Motivate your employees with fresh, delicious and healthy food and drinks

Access to a social, healthy lunch not only increases the health and well-being of your employees – studies also show that taking a break together improves communication, effectiveness and teamwork.
With HelloFreshGO,  there are no more long waiting times, standing in line, and the no more asking the question: “Where should we eat today?

Essen im Büro HelloFreshGO Essensautomat

Our Box Products

With the HelloFreshGO food vending machine, your employees are provided with delicious meals, healthy snacks, and refreshing drinks like fruit and vegetable juices or smoothies around the clock.

The Fridge

Do you want more flexibility? Then the HelloFreshGO boxes are just the right product. With these practical boxes, your employees can easily choose their own lunch from a selection of delicious dishes – we’ll even deliver directly to your workplace or home office!

Our Benefits

Company Culture

Relaxed break times and healthy, high-quality food are proven to contribute to the health of your employees – reducing sick days and increasing your employees’ work efficiency.

Employee satisfaction

Strengthen your employer branding and the satisfaction at your workplace. Employees decide themselves and flexibly when they want to eat, instead of having to follow fixed canteen times.

Affordable Prices

Spoil your employees with delicious and healthy food in the office or home office at affordable prices.

Improve collaboration

Help your employees connect and collaborate over food and refreshments.

HR benefits

Organize great experiences for your employees – on-site or virtually! With our tailor-made catering, you can order an individual meal for every employee to suit every taste and create a pleasant working atmosphere.

Leadership Benefits

Satisfied employees are both more productive and more loyal to the employer. In addition, the fixed costs of our products are lower compared a traditional canteen.

Finance Benefits

With a food allowance for your employees, you will save on monthly wage costs because your social security costs will be reduced. Your employees also save on taxes – a win-win situation for everyone.

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