7 Ways, How a Smart Fridge Can Change Your Office Culture


7 Ways, How a Smart Fridge Can Change Your Office Culture

7 Ways, How a Smart Fridge Can Change Your Office Culture 2560 1291 HelloFreshGo

A good corporate culture is important and can be very important to a company’s success. It is about a business atmosphere that promotes ideas, togetherness with colleagues and general well-being.

How would it be if an innovative vending machine could influence all these important factors in your corporate culture?

1) 24/7 access to delicious and healthy snacks in seconds

With HelloFreshGO there are no unnecessary waiting times or delays of meetings at noon because the food delivery service is being late again. At HelloFreshGO everyone can choose their favourite dish from the large selection of fresh products and snacks and sit together at the table, eat and exchange ideas with colleagues at the same time.

2) A place to get to know and make contacts.

HelloFreshGO is more than just a simple vending machine. Many employees say that it has become the hotspot of the company. A place to meet, chat a while and spend a little time with colleagues. Many employees feel more connected to their colleagues throughHelloFreshGO as it builds a community.

3) Bye Bye Bye, food coma!

Having healthy meals available at work can have a positive impact on the employees physical well-being. HelloFreshGO fans say they no longer hang tried in their chairs, but they rather feel very satisfied after their meal. Without a food coma, there are many more smiling faces walking down the corridor at work..

4) More innovation and inspiration in the office

New ideas usually arise in the most unexpected moments. The innovative technology of HelloFreshGO not only inspires employees to think “out of the box” but is also a sign that the company itself thinks ahead and appreciates innovative ideas. This, in turn, attracts young talent with fresh ideas.

5) More happiness through less organizational effort

HelloFreshGO is not only very convenient for employees, but also for office managers. There is no need to worry about ordering office supplies.HelloFreshGO does it all. Always fully filled with chilled drinks & tasty snacks, the fridge is available 24/7. The office manager now has less work and more time to take care of more important things to make the employees happy. Another bonus – finally the pizza delivery boy does not ring every 5 minutes at the reception!

6) Increasing productivity at the workplace

Rainy or snowy? Long distances to the supermarket or restaurant, waiting, queuing up at the queue? No need anymore! HelloFreshGO is the perfect time-saving alternative to satisfy hunger and cravings. The food is within reach, so your employees can eat a healthy meal without much effort anytime. The fridge is also a great solution in the evening when it gets late and the supermarket is already closed.

7) Happier employees – more time for the essentials

HelloFreshGO makes your employees happier. According to an enthusiastic High Tech CEO from Berlin, “the satisfaction of our employees has increased by at least 20% with the machine”. Employees can make more use of their precious lunch breaks and enjoy them together with their colleagues and even take a short walk afterwards instead of rushing back to the next meeting.


Did this make you curious to discover the possibilities of improving the corporate culture of your company? Register for a 3-month trial right here.