A small step for your offices – a big step for our planet

A small step for your offices – a big step for our planet

A small step for your offices – a big step for our planet 1200 628 HelloFreshGo

Happy World Environment Day!

Since 1974, on the 5th of June every year World Environment Day has been celebrated to raise awareness and action for the protection of our environment –  an initiative by the UN that aims at engaging governments, companies and citizens to positively commit and contribute to pressing environmental issues. As pollution rises and the climate warms, weather-related disasters are expected to increase in their frequency, as well as intensity. And it’s a pressing concern in the light of the Coronavirus crisis, which has left several impoverished, jobless and vulnerable all around the world. And a higher risk of natural disasters caused by climate change can pose an even higher threat to these vulnerable communities.

To tackle climate change and its consequences successfully, it’s imperative that as a society at large, both businesses and individuals are committed to focusing on protecting the environment not only on June 5th but every day.  Small actions by individual companies towards sustainability can make a big difference for humanity. This has also been a guideline that we at HelloFreshGO follow. Therefore, we ensure that our method, processes, and delivery across our supply chain are conducted in the most sustainable way. 

In our approaches so far – we have been able to achieve significant progress to date. Our meal production and delivery process emit considerably less greenhouse gas emissions compared to other lunch alternatives. For instance, when you compare one month of eating at a restaurant with one month of eating HelloFreshGO meals, 85kg of CO2 are saved. This is equal to one month of commuting to work by car. Next to this, our efforts also focus on reducing food and packaging waste, both in line with the UN sustainable development goals. With HelloFreshGO, the food-waste is  7% less compared to cooking at home and 28% less compared to out-of-home consumption. 

We have been able to achieve the above through 3 main process and practices:

1. Sustainable Supply Chain Management

By optimizing our transport routes and keeping the supply chain as short as possible we simultaneously reduce our carbon footprint and packaging waste. Before our products arrive at your HelloFreshGO fridge, they have not traveled far. By using our own fleet, we can constantly improve the delivery routes between our customers to deliver your food as efficiently as possible. This is further supported by having our own warehouse in each of our key cities. While many supply chains include multiple stops at which products are stored and repacked, our shortened supply chain helps us reduce our carbon footprint and our packaging waste. 

Furthermore, our demand planning tool calculates exactly which products sell and automatically adjusts the ordering accordingly, such that each fridge offers an individual menu fit to the tastes of its customers. If there is too much or not enough food in one fridge, we shift products between fridges to balance demand out. Until we reach our goal of 0% food waste, we ensure to donate any unconsumed products to charities and charitable institutions. 

2. Sustainable Packaging

Next to carefully establishing our menu, we also pay attention to the packaging in which our products are delivered. We use the most recyclable plastics for our packaging and use sustainable packaging whenever possible. By focusing on paper and cardboard packaging, we are reducing our plastic waste. If plastic packaging is unavoidable, we focus on highly recyclable plastic, such as Halopack packaging or compostable plastics.

3. Sustainable Sourcing 

We choose our suppliers based on their location and their own values regarding sustainability. Our regional and seasonal products help us to effectively lower our carbon footprint. Our suppliers include Jouis Nour and TONY’S CHOCOLONELY, who are committed to seasonal and organic ingredients as well as sustainable logistics and to banning slave labor respectively. 

And this is just the beginning of our path. In our Statement from the MDs released today, we detail the goals we have defined and actions we are taking for the next 18 months. With our operations and approaches, we aim to not only revolutionize the way you eat at work, by offering you and your teams delicious and nutritious food directly at the desk, but also help you to meet your company and individual sustainability goals every day.  

As captured in the climate protection law, Germany aims to achieve a 55% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions in 2030 compared to 1990 and to be nearly greenhouse gas neutral by 2050, in line with the EU goals. These goals can only be met if climate protection is accepted on all levels and implemented by all involved, including the very large German corporate landscape. Order the HelloFreshGO product that suits you best now and eat sustainably during your office day to contribute with us to a better world.

NOTE: The method followed schematically an ISO 14040 sustainability life cycle assessment. The system boundary was gate-to-gate, the considered impact categories only those mentioned. We only evaluated the emissions of a HelloFreshGO meal directly, while we relied on external peer-reviewed publications to evaluate other alternatives (e.g. restaurant eating). Given the novelty of HelloFreshGO’s products and the limited data availability to compare the emissions of alternative products, the results of this assessment are expected to have a higher degree of uncertainty than lifecycle assessments usually have.