Avoiding the midday low: How to be more efficient

Avoid food coma

Avoiding the midday low: How to be more efficient

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Avoiding the midday low: How to be more efficient

Who isn’t familiar with the notorious canteen coma? A delicious lunch followed by an energy slump that leaves you desperate for a nap. If you are experiencing this phenomenon on a regular basis, you can follow a few simple tips to avoid the annoying lows and increase your performance in the workplace.

Where does the midday low come from?

Lasagne followed by custard with chocolate sauce – just heavenly. After this delicious lunch, a break would be nice but you have to go back to your desk. On the way there you get an espresso to perk you up, but unfortunately the desired effect is not achieved.

What you are experiencing right now is known as lunchtime depression or a canteen coma and can be traced back to various causes. One of them is that your concentration wears off after several hours of work in front of the computer and you absolutely need a breather. But instead of going out for a breath of fresh air, you go to the canteen. Here you can expect delicious, hearty but heavy meals, which are not compatible with the office routine.

An over-rich lunch is the most common cause of a midday low. The body needs extra energy to process the food it has taken, falling into a sleep-like state. In addition, chronobiology also plays a role: around noon, there is a spontaneous reduction in performance.

How do I avoid the midday low?

If you feel regularly afflicted by a food coma, you have various options available to successfully fight it. If there is only heavy, fatty food available in and around your workplace you can bring your own food from home. This may sound complicated, but it can be done easily with little effort. Make sure, however, that you take easily digestible, low-calorie food, so you avoid the same fate you achieve after eating in the canteen.

Nutritional experts advise eating several small meals throughout the day. The digestive system is less stressed and the body can distribute energy better and use it more purposefully. Healthy snacks that you can treat yourself to include fresh fruits, dried fruits and nuts. Smoothies and protein-rich milkshakes are also healthy snacks that you can enjoy in between meals.

How to perk up quickly

Work on creating good habits that increase your performance.

  • It’s better to eat several healthy snacks rather than a single rich meal. Soups, salads, fruits and nuts are particularly good.
  • Fresh air clears out carbon dioxide. That’s why you should ventilate the office regularly. A short walk is recommended to recharge your batteries.
  • Make sure that you drink enough fluids during the day. If plain water is too bland for you, you can flavour it with slices of orange, lemon or cucumber.

With the right nutrition and a few tricks you can skip the midday low.