Fit at work with HelloFreshGO’s new Fitmeals

Fit at work with HelloFreshGO’s new Fitmeals

Fit at work with HelloFreshGO’s new Fitmeals 1504 1003 HelloFreshGo

At HelloFreshGO sustainability is an integral part of our business model – we not only want to help you increase your employee productivity and satisfaction but also support you in achieving the individual sustainability goals of your company. Through our environmentally friendly products, we are moving together with you and your company towards a more sustainable future with every lunch eaten. Every HelloFreshGO meal indeed makes the world a bit better, because sustainability begins with the composition and packaging of each of our products. When developing our new Fitmeal category, we therefore paid special attention to the composition of ingredients as well as the packaging.
Food at the workplace is a great way to motivate employees and to provide them with the necessary energy for good brain function. Investing in staff catering is worthwhile in the long term and can help increase the success of a company based on the close interrelation of performance and nutrition. To function efficiently, the brain needs energy supplies from food. With the help of various experiments, psychologists have repeatedly shown how important the right energy supply is for the brain. The experiments show that the glucose level drops after a certain amount of time – the result is a decrease in performance and concentration.

For this reason, HelloFreshGO has created a Fitmeal category that combines exactly these two approaches. No more tiredness and listlessness. With the launch of our Fitmeals next week, your employees have a balanced alternative that makes them fit and sates them for the day. The Fitmeals not only ensure that there is no unnecessary burden on the metabolism, but also ensure that no unnecessary burden on the environment is created. These energizing meals are delivered in environmentally friendly and easily recyclable HALOPACK® packaging, making your office a more sustainable place.

HelloFreshGO’s Fitmeal

When developing the Fitmeals, we make sure that the energy-providing nutrients are balanced and that your employees are optimally supplied with vitamins, minerals, fiber and secondary plant substances. With every Fitmeal we pursue the goals listed below:

  • At least 30g protein/serving
  • Low sugar (<5g / 100g)
  • High amount of vegetables
  • Complex carbohydrates

High protein content in Fitmeals

The focus of our Fitmeals is among others on the protein. Compared to the other macronutrients, protein has a higher degree of saturation and prevents food cravings. In addition, with a protein-rich diet, the basal metabolism is increased by 15 to 20%. This means that the metabolism of proteins burns more carbohydrates than that of carbohydrates and fats. Because our Fitmeals contain at least 30g protein per serving, your employees already cover an average of 48% of the daily protein requirement.

Human proteins consist of 20 amino acids. Nine of them are essential, which means that the body cannot produce them itself, but must eat them with food1. When developing our Fitmeals, we therefore not only make sure to include a sufficient amount of protein, but also that the dish contains ingredients that hold these essential amino acids. In the figure below we show, which foods are good protein suppliers and therefore are mainly used in our Fitmeals. Nuts and seeds, legumes and green vegetables, such as broccoli, are very good suppliers of essential amino acids. Eggs and certain types of cereals, such as oats, are also important sources.

Fitmeal “Chicken Breast with Quinoa Long Grain Rice and Broccoli”

This delicious dish delivers 38.25g of protein per serving. The long grain rice is spiced up with quinoa, soybeans and chickpeas, which additionally increases the amount of protein. The pseudo grain quinoa is an important source of essential amino acids and broccoli provides us with important vitamins and minerals.

Vegetarian and vegan fitmeals

In order to also be optimally supplied with proteins when following a vegetarian or vegan diet, we make use of the biological value during product development. The biological value indicates how many grams of the body’s protein can be created from 100 grams of dietary protein. Less protein of high biological value needs to be consumed to cover the needed amount of protein, compared to protein of low biological value. Historically, the chicken egg serves as a reference for the calculation of the biological value and was set at 100. By combining different kinds of foods in the right way , it is possible to achieve biological values ​​of over 100. This means that less protein can be consumed to still cover the daily protein allowance1.

In our vegetarian Fitmeal “Veggie Frittata with Potato Broccoli and Tomato Compote” we combine egg and potato in a favorable ratio, so that a biological value of 138 is achieved.

Mixtures of legumes and cereals, such as e.g. beans and corn are also a great option. By combining these two protein sources in a favorable way, the biological value of the chicken egg is achieved2. With our “Chili sin Carne” dish, we implemented exactly that and thus created a super delicious, vegan Fitmeal.

Fitmeal packaging

The HelloFreshGO Fitmeals are recognizable through their blue packaging label “Fit”. When picking our packaging, the use of sustainable solutions is particularly important to us. Therefore, we chose to deliver all of our ready meals and salads in the environmentally friendly HALOPACK® bowl already at the beginning of 2019. This packaging solution weights less than standard packaging solutions and requires a minimum of resources for production. It consists of 100% recycled cardboard and is 100% recyclable. Moreover, no additives such as PE coatings, lime or adhesives are used in the production of the bowls. The packaged meal remains fresh and safe thanks to the thin foil covering it. The foil can easily be separated from the cardboard component. Therefore, the cardboard can be disposed in the paper bin, while the foil goes into the plastic bin. Through the introduction of this innovative and environmentally friendly packaging we are saving 11 tons of plastic waste annually.


A balanced diet plays a central role in the well-being and productivity of employees. The HelloFreshGO fridge is therefore an optimal solution. In addition to the Fitmeals, the fridge is filled with ready meals, salads, wraps, bagels and breakfast and thus provides you and your employees with suitable meals at any time of the day.

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