Five tips for keeping the perfect figure – even with Christmas treats around

Want to keep your perfect figure despite the many Christmas treats around? No problem! Our five simple tips will help you stay slim - even though 'is the season'.
Traumfigur trotz Weihnachtsnascherei

Five tips for keeping the perfect figure – even with Christmas treats around

Five tips for keeping the perfect figure – even with Christmas treats around 1706 2560 HelloFreshGo

A perfect figure despite Christmas treats?

Trying to resist the culinary temptations of the Christmas season is futile. But, biscuits, savoury snacks and Christmas roasts quickly appear on the scales. HelloFreshGO wants you to keep your perfect figure despite these seasonal temptations. With the temperature dropping and Christmas around the corner, it’s becoming harder and harder to resist those naughty foods. Then, there are the Christmas markets, enticing you with mulled wine, hot sausages and roasted nuts.

As well as sounding tempting, these things taste (too) good, and the seasonal Christmas feasts are still to come. Although you’ll enjoy them, they can make you feel guilty as you start noticing the extra pounds on the scales. Then, in the New Year, you realise with anger that your trousers and shirts are too tight. Christmas joy is followed by New Year frustration – how many times have you said, “Right, the diet starts in January!”?

It doesn’t have to be like this – simply pay a little attention to your diet while bearing some points in mind. HelloFreshGO has five easy tips for keeping your weight balanced and maintain your perfect figure despite the Christmas treats.

  1. Bake it yourself

It’s hard to avoid the biscuits, sweets and cakes that are filling the supermarket shelves. But they’re full of processed sugar which quickly appears on the hips. It’s better to bake them yourself, deciding how much sugar, butter and other ingredients to use or swapping sugar for honey. Search the Internet for low-sugar Christmas bakes. The same applies to mulled wine. There are up to 40 sugar cubes in a bottle of ready-made mulled wine, but make it yourself and you can decide how much sugar to put in.

  1. Alternatives

We want you to enjoy going to Christmas markets without counting calories. Choose alternatives to high-calorie products and you can still have fun. Instead of mulled wine, drink hot cider – this has much less sugar. Instead of roasted nuts, choose hot chestnuts. Swap biscuits for baked apples or fruit kebabs. Do this and you can visit Christmas markets without feeling guilty. (Read more: seven healthy snack alternatives for the office.)

  1. Focus on one course

It’s easy to over-eat at festive meals. Avoid this by focusing on your favourite course. If you love roast turkey with all the trimmings, then enjoy it while avoiding calorie-laden starters, desserts and bread.

  1. Keep moving

It’s cold outside, and the sofa is inviting. But, moving around gets your circulation and metabolism moving. Discover winter exercise opportunities: ice skating for half an hour burns around 250 calories, while a one-hour walk in the snow kills about 245 calories.

  1. Drink water before eating

This is not just seasonal but an all-year-round tip. Drinking a large glass of water before each meal fills your stomach and satisfies hunger pangs. You feel full up faster and eat less.

Most importantly: don’t let excessive guilt put you off enjoying the Christmas season. Even if the scales show a two-pound gain after Christmas, that’s easy to lose once you return to your normal diet.