HelloFreshGO products: How we design our food range

HelloFreshGO products

HelloFreshGO products: How we design our food range

HelloFreshGO products: How we design our food range 1504 1003 HelloFreshGo

HelloFreshGO is an innovative fridge that provides employees with balanced food in the office around the clock. The range is healthy, tasty and well balanced so that all taste buds can be satisfied. But how do the HelloFreshGO products get into the fridge? What criteria are used to decide on a new product? 

HelloFreshGO interviewed Aylin, our Director of Category Management, for you. She is responsible for everything that you see in the HelloFreshGO fridges – from menu planning and recipe development to packaging, label design and fridge layout. We talked to Aylin about how she selects new HelloFreshGO products and what criteria are particularly important. Her answers can be found below:


1. What products do you have in your range at HelloFreshGO?

The HelloFreshGO fridges are stocked with both fresh and dry products. That is, products that are re-stocked weekly and use fresh ingredients as well as snacks that have a longer shelf life, such as protein and cereal bars, chocolate, and chips. “Fresh” is in our name, so we put most of our effort in developing the fresh portfolio and making sure our end users have access to high-quality, delicious meals they otherwise wouldn’t have access to so immediately in the workplace. 


2. What distinguishes the HelloFreshGO products from others?

HelloFreshGO products

We really care about bringing out customers unique recipes and new products that they otherwise can’t find in the market. While we do have some common convenience food products in the fridge, we spend a lot of time developing dishes from scratch and sourcing third party products no one in Germany has seen before.


3. According to which criteria do you decide whether a product will be included in the assortment?

The better question is: what don’t we think about? First and foremost is taste. If it tastes delicious, we consider it a “go”. We work with sustainable packaging such as the Halopack, which is made with recyclable material. It costs us more to use such packaging, but we are committed to sustainability and are willing to compromise in this key area. Then, we start to contemplate all the other factors that make a product high-quality. We try to keep a healthy balance between vegetarian and non-vegetarian items in our portfolio as well as work within the restraints of a fixed price point. We want our products to be affordable, so we do our best to create the best product under these conditions. 


4. Do you try all the products that go into the fridge?

Yes. But, I am not the only one. We host regular tastings for the HelloFresh GO team so that we draw from a multitude of palettes, not just from those of a select few. 


5. At what intervals are new products selected?

We first work with the season, then we work with past sales data and customer feedback. We react to our customers’ demands on a daily basis and they drive all of our product development decisions. 


6. What are your product management challenges? 

Sustainability is always a challenge. Sustainable packaging solutions are limited, and we often have to compromise product appearance for the sake of being eco-friendly. 

It’s also difficult to satisfy all taste buds and dietary preferences. We are constantly developing new products, with limited space in the terminals to put them. We want every niche taste preference to be satisfied, but that isn’t always feasible. 


7. What do you like most about your job?

I like developing new categories that have never been tried before. Such products take much more effort in the development stages and also pose a bigger risk of not performing according to expectation, but the process is a lot of fun.  


More about the product range of HelloFreshGO? Watch this video for more insights.