HelloFreshGo’s Promise on Hygiene & Quality

HelloFreshGo’s Promise on Hygiene & Quality

HelloFreshGo’s Promise on Hygiene & Quality 2560 1707 HelloFreshGo

The safety and quality of our products as well as the well-being and health of our customers have always been our top priorities. 

When it comes to our practices and supply chain processes, we have always been compliant on the best health and hygiene standards. The meals are prepared and packed with utmost care and we strictly follow the European and German rules regarding food safety. 

But at this current time of the COVID-19 crisis – we take this even more seriously and have already adopted all recommendations from RKI in terms of the current situation. 

Official authorities have confirmed that coronavirus cannot be transmitted through food. However, since the outbreak, HelloFreshGo has introduced additional security and quality measures. 

Additional Hygiene and Quality Measures

  1. We have proactively contacted all of our suppliers and warehouses to ensure that all necessary and preventive measures to maintain hygiene in the production and handling of food are observed.
  2. All our drivers and employees are subjected to regular health surveys to confirm their good health status and assurance that none have travelled recently in high risk countries.
  3. All of our drivers and employees are equipped with gloves and disinfectants.
  4. After stocking the refrigerator, the door handles and the touchscreen are disinfected again by our drivers.
  5. All of our suppliers are still obliged to adhere to the highest quality standards and food safety regulations. 
  6. We continue to strictly monitor our supply chain so that you and your employees receive only the best meals.

By working closely with our suppliers, drivers and employees, we are able to guarantee the safety and quality of our products – so you can enjoy the fresh and delicious meals, with peace of mind.

In times like these, when many restaurants and canteens are shut down, we continue to operate and serve you, because we know how important healthy and balanced nutrition is, especially in times like this. 

HelloFreshGO will continue to be there for you.

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