Job satisfaction: How to improve your work motivation

Tried and frustrated at work? We show you how to improve your work motivation with a few simple tricks.
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Job satisfaction: How to improve your work motivation

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Job satisfaction: How to improve your work motivation

Being dissatisfied at work leads to frustration – we know that only too well. But what if you can’t find your way out of this dissatisfied bubble, and are just lazily drifting along? Then, it’s high time to improve your work motivation. HelloFreshGO shows you how to do it.

Laughter makes you happy

It was reported recently that 17 percent of people living in the UK would say that they loved their job. This seems quite low… so, how do you become one of them?
A good approach is to face everyday life with humour and a smile. That’s right: work doesn’t have to be a chore, it can also be fun. Bear in mind that your private life has a significant impact on your working life – and vice versa. If there is a lot of stress at home, the risk of bringing that negative energy to the workplace is particularly high. If you are constantly stressed in general, then think about whether this could be a trigger for your lack of motivation at work. Stress reduction is best achieved in small steps: taking a walk in the park, meeting up with friends, immersing yourself in a good book or doing some sport.

A healthy mind in a healthy work environment

Work-life balance is a modern-day buzzphrase, and when it comes to increasing work motivation, even the smallest of changes can be effective. Make sure to keep up certain levels of interest and variety in your leisure time – maybe with sport and exercise being a priority. Ask colleagues if they fancy a workout session in the gym after work or want to shoot some baskets on the court. Think about what motivates you when you go hiking or cycling: is it the anticipation of doing something with your best friends? Or, are you looking forward to tackling new challenges? That’s actually, what work should be all about, and the workplace environment plays a particularly important role. The good news is that this environment is dependent on people – including you – and can easily be altered. To improve your workplace environment, consider taking these few points on board:

  • Make friends at work. Actively listen to colleagues. Connect on a social level, and get together during breaks.
  • Say “no”. Learn to set limits and boundaries and, if necessary, say no. That does not mean being rude, but speaking plainly can save you and others from unnecessary stress.
  • Change tasks. Team members are there to help and support each other. This includes swapping or delegating tasks if necessary.
  • Learn new things. Professional training sessions and advanced training seminars provide wonderful opportunities to get to know your colleagues better. Share knowledge, learn new skills and discover hidden facets of your work.
  • Exercise regularly. Your physical well-being also affects your work motivation. Pay attention to your health by exercising regularly and eating properly. Train yourself to follow healthy habits to increase your motivation to work.