Lose weight after Christmas: The pounds fall off with little effort

Losing weight after Christmas can be really easy. We have four tips for you: drink fluids, eat small snacks, have small portions and balance your meals.
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Lose weight after Christmas: The pounds fall off with little effort

Lose weight after Christmas: The pounds fall off with little effort 2560 2200 HelloFreshGo

Lose weight the right way after Christmas

What would Christmas be without all the goodies? Christmas pudding, chocolate, mulled wine, goose and turkey, unfortunately, these treats can’t pass our lips without having an effect on our weight. The end of your feasting days comes the angry awakening. But don’t worry – HelloFreshGO will tell you how to get rid of the extra pounds in no time and how to lose weight after Christmas.

If your dress or trousers are tight on New Year’s Eve then you know that you have overdone it during the Christmas period. With all the huge meals shared with friends, colleagues and family, that is hardly surprising. After all, cookies, Christmas roasts and mulled wine are not exactly diet foods – quite the contrary. The nasty calories that are in them can immediately settle on your hips. So over December, you may gain a few pounds and it’ll dawn on you by New Year, even though you probably knew the whole time.

Your master plan for losing weight after Christmas

Instead of being frustrated and punishing yourself, you need a master plan to help the excess pounds fall away back to your pre-Christmas weight. However, a radical diet should not be part of the plan. It sounds tempting to eat little to nothing and lose the pounds in a week. This does not work. First of all, you are tormented and secondly, the yo-yo effect starts immediately when you start eating normally again. What will help you to lose weight after Christmas?

The pounds fall off with little effort

The fact is, if you want to lose weight properly, you need to eat fewer calories than you need during the day. Due to the calorie deficit, the body accesses existing energy stores and the pounds fall off. The calorie requirement is very individual and depends not only on your weight but also how active you are. On the internet, you will find a number of calculators that decipher your individual calorie needs.

  1. Drink a lot

You should drink a large glass of lukewarm water after getting up. This stimulates the metabolism and reduces cravings. You should also drink a large glass of water 20 minutes before eating. This fills the stomach and you feel less hungry. Also, make sure you refrain from drinking calorie-filled drinks, such as juices and soft drinks. If you can’t completely avoid them, try to have only one glass and grab a Coke Light or Zero instead of normal Coke.

  1. Whole foods

If you want to lose weight, you should pay more attention to what you eat. Most importantly make sure you have vegetables in your diet. Chicken can be enjoyed guilt-free. Also, eat whole wheat bread instead of white bread. Try to cut back on pasta and rice. They should be a small part of your meal – not the main ingredient.

100 grams of durum semolina pasta contains 154 calories, according to the German Nutrition Society. Wholegrain noodles contain with 143 calories per 100 grams, only slightly less than regular pasta. But it provides valuable fibre so you stay full for longer. This nutritional information makes it better if you want to lose weight.

  1. Smaller portions

For quick success, it’s not enough to just pay attention to what you eat. You also need to think about how much you eat. Do not fill your plate too much. Try to get your stomach used to smaller portions. Two-thirds of the plate should consist of vegetables and protein, such as meat or fish, and one-third of starchy foods such as pasta or potatoes.

  1. Stay away from the snacks

You should try to avoid your afternoon biscuit completely. If you are really hungry, you should eat wholemeal bread with cottage cheese and honey.

Don’t go crazy because of a few extra pounds on your hips. If you return to eating normally after Christmas and move enough, the pounds will almost melt away by themselves.