More than just a snack vending machine – the complete HelloFreshGO food range

More than just a snack machine: that's HelloFreshGO. Filled with fresh produce and snacks, it makes thousands of employees happy every day. Learn more about the range.

More than just a snack vending machine – the complete HelloFreshGO food range

More than just a snack vending machine – the complete HelloFreshGO food range 2560 1707 HelloFreshGo

More than just a snack vending machine

With HelloFreshGO, you get much more than just a vending machine. The usual contents of a vending machine are snacks, however, HelloFreshGO goes a step further and offers various snacks as well as a whole range of fresh food.


The range: Who’s behind it?

There is a small team of culinary experts at HelloFreshGO, which takes care of the range provided in the fridge. The fridge is divided into three sections – (1) Our main meals, (2) our in-between dishes & snacks and (3) our drinks.


The main meals*

HelloFreshGO lives by the motto “life in balance”. When choosing the recipes and dishes, the best balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates are used to avoid a food coma after eating! Our main meals are prepared according to seasons and customer demand, so that our weekly changing menus are varied and always prepared in the right quantities. Our main meal range includes the following products:

  • Meals: Can easily be heated in the microwave; freshly made by Bauer Funken and Sander, there are meat dishes as well as vegetarian and vegan options. Our bestsellers here include the Farfalle in ricotta lemon sauce with cherry tomatoes and our ricotta spinach Tortellini.
  • Fit Meals: Even more balanced meals that provide your body with all the essential ingredients for a healthy lifestyle. Fitmeals include for example our Chili con Carne with brown or our vegan eggplant sugo with cereal mix.Leichte Gerichte _ HelloFreshGO
  • Crunchy salads: Our fresh salad bowls sate with high-quality ingredients without being too heavy. In our assortment we have the tuna & egg salad as well as the falafel & hummus salad bowl.
  • Fresh breakfast: This includes Chiapudding, Quark, Bircher Muesli and Porridge – since 51.7% of all employees have their breakfast at work.


The in-between dishes and snacks*

Our fresh in-between dishes and snack assortment consists of smaller meals, healthy sweet and salty snacks as well as delicious desserts. The smaller dishes are also great to combine as main meals. In this way, we ensure that there is something for every taste around the clock to boost performance or strengthen the motivation in the afternoon.

  • Wraps/Sandwiches: Ready to eat without cutlery or warming up! And practically ready to eat without warming up; the sandwich with Gouda and the wrap with Baby Kale & Houmous are particularly popular in this category.
  • Small salads: From Edamame and Quinoa to green tea noodles with chicken breast – the smaller salads are perfect for in-between hunger.
  • Creamy desserts: Our absolute favourite: the Gourmet Tiramisu.
  • Sweet and salty snacks: The culinary team at HelloFreshGO is always on the hunt for the latest trends and innovative products. That’s what the customers love. There is a mix of healthy (raw, vegan, gluten-free) snacks, but also standard (not super-healthy, but super-delicious) chocolates. The range of snacks include the following products:  -Crunchy nuts: Here every nut lover gets their favourite, whether it’s cashew, almond or macadamia.
    • Crunchy nuts: Here every nut lover gets their favourite, whether it’s cashew, almond or macadamia.
    • Healthy protein bars: The healthy snack for fitness freaks by HEJ Natural or Barebells.
    • World’s best chocolate: From Holland by Tony Chocolonely’s; Caramel Sea Salt is an absolute must-try!
    • LoveRaw Butter Cups: Without refined sugar and raw vegan – #superhealthy and a real treat.
    • Clif Bars: Loved by all athletes; a quick, energy-packed snack to eat during a short break.
    • Potato and vegetable chips: With the best ingredients in the flavours truffle, rosemary or sea salt.
    • Sugar-free chocolate bars: Nick’s bars from Sweden are low in sugar and taste incomparably good

The drinks*

To quench your thirst, we offer a selection of fresh drinks that provide refreshment or a vitamin boost in-between. We use fresh, natural ingredients and do without a lot of sugar and additives.

  • Smoothies: A fresh smoothie is great as an in-between meal – for the extra portion of vitamins
  • Organic teas: As a tasty alternative to water, we offer the sugar-free organic iced tea from Mono Tea – no additives, purely natural ingredients and environmentally friendly produced in Germany

HelloFreshGO products

Do all companies receive the same range?

HelloFreshGO tries to adapt the product portfolio to meet the preferences and demands of individual companies. Some prefer more meals than snacks, others more vegetarian options than meat.

Any questions? Just get in touch via Facebook or at info@hellofreshgo.de

* This is the range from August 2019