Office Hacks: super quick, practical solutions for the office

These four office hacks will help you keep your desk clean and make your day at work more productive. Find out more!
office hacks

Office Hacks: super quick, practical solutions for the office

Office Hacks: super quick, practical solutions for the office 2560 1920 HelloFreshGo

Office hacks: quick, practical solutions for the office

Coffee cups are piled high on your desk, your devices’ cables have become a tangle that you can’t unravel, and the sun shines relentlessly on your monitor. If everything in the office is annoying you, take a break. HelloFreshGO has some great office hacks to help you bring order into your daily work and improve your working atmosphere.

What are office hacks and what do they do?

Jazz without music“: This is how the infamous, unpleasant German TV boss Bernd Stromberg described the office. In fact, the often stressful and hectic office life can be compared with this musical genre: seemingly uncoordinated sequences, sometimes rhythmic, sometimes asynchronous, ultimately interlocked. We’ll show you some great office hacks so that your office is not reminiscent of the wild chaos of free jazz, that would make even Stromberg a pleasant boss and your everyday life at work easier. But first, where does the term office hacks come from?

The term “hack” comes from computer language and means a technical gimmick. Originally, these little tricks were used by computer hackers to gain access to encrypted content. Beyond the technical world, hacks of all kinds are focused on originality and creativity. This also applies to office hacks – small tricks that make everyday office work more pleasant and productive.

Cool office hacks for more drive in office life

  1. Use a coffee filter for a sparkling screen: Does your laptop screen need to be cleaned urgently, but you can’t find your cleaning cloth? Don’t panic, an unused coffee filter does the trick! The soft filter paper collects dust in no time, without leaving any lint behind. Awesome!
  2. Put an end to cable salad: A printer here, a few PCs and monitors there, and you’re left with a salad. We wouldn’t mind if the salad in question was an actual light summer meal. The cable salad, however, is not beneficial in any way. You can create order with DIY cable ties made from empty toilet paper rolls. It is easy to wind up the cables and then put them in the rolls, this way they are kept out of the way and won’t get tangled.
  3. Innovative binder: You have been working on your presentation for a long time; finally, it is printed, in your hands. You need a binder so that the pages don’t get mixed up, but unfortunately, you can’t find any staplers or file fasteners. No problem, as long as you have a paper clip and rubber band, because you can quickly and easily create a binder. Simply thread the rubber band through the holes and connect both ends with a paperclip.
  4. No more kinks in cables: Loose contacts can quickly run up electronic costs. If a charger or headphones are not working, it seems they are ruined. But instead of ordering new electronics, you can save the situation with a simple ballpoint pen. Simply wind the spring around the cable, and it is protected against kinking.

Be inspired by our office hacks and invent your own tricks, which give you and your employees a worry-free workday.