Office lunch: how to carry and store food right

Resealable jar? Tupperware box? Thermos flask? Bento box? We'll show you some safe and practical ways of taking your lunch to work and how to store food right.

Office lunch: how to carry and store food right

Office lunch: how to carry and store food right 1707 2560 HelloFreshGo

Healthy eating at the office: here’s how to carry and store food right

If you’re trying to ‘be good’ at work, a tasty and healthy diet is really important. But that’s often easier said than done – a number of different factors can make it harder to eat sensibly while you’re in the office. Proper storage is one of those issues: if you want to bring your own food, you need to consider whether your homemade salad or spicy mixed veg will keep fresh until mealtime and store them right.

Is it worth taking food to work?

For most of us, there are food options on the doorstep: takeaway outlets, sandwich shops, cafes and maybe a work cafeteria serving all kinds of sweet and savoury treats throughout the day. But if you want to eat healthily, you’ll realise it’s better to know what’s in your lunch. Instead of sausages or burgers, there’s always a fresh salad with low-calorie dressing, and fruit instead of a pot of vanilla dessert. But how does that all fit into a busy working day?

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Meal prep – food in advance

If you have the time, you can take a pre-prepared meal – or last night’s leftovers – into the office. The advantage of this is that you can decide on the exact ingredients yourself and know exactly what’s in your food. You can flavour it exactly how you like it – and it always works out cheaper than buying the equivalent from a restaurant. All those positives are often enough to justify the time taken to prepare an office lunch.

Meal prepping involves planning, shopping and cooking in advance for the week. As a concept, it saves time and money. But once you’ve prepared your meal, it still needs to go in the right container. What’s the best item for transporting and storing food right at the office?

Food to go: the three best containers

Plastic box or resealable jar? Getting your food to work – and not all over the inside of your bag – can be a nightmare. What’s the best option?

1. Plastic box
The plastic box is a classic food-to-go solution: it’s light and microwave safe. Alternatively, try resealable Pyrex containers, which you can also pop in the microwave. Plastic and Pyrex containers work perfectly for fruit and snacks as well as main courses.

2. Thermos flask
A hearty soup makes a great lunch – especially in winter. Whether you choose minestrone, cream of mushroom or a meaty stew, soups are well transported in a vacuum flask, which keeps them spill-free and hot! For real soup-lovers, you can find special insulated pots with a matching spoon.

3. Bento box
Not just for lovers of Japanese cuisine. Bento boxes have different compartments, which keep your items separate. It’s easy to carry your whole meal, including dessert, in one container, without everything getting mixed up.

Make sure to store the food right in the fridge once you arrive at the office. Especially if it contains fish or chicken. If its only veggies and rice you can also store your food at room temperature without a problem.

Preparing food is definitely worth it if you can spare the time in the kitchen. But for all other times, you’ll find fresh and tasty food in our HelloFreshGO fridges.