Returning to the Office: 5 Tips to avoid Post-Vacation Blues

Returning back to work after a long trip is not easy. 5 tips how to return more relaxed and to keep up the holiday feeling.
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Returning to the Office: 5 Tips to avoid Post-Vacation Blues

Returning to the Office: 5 Tips to avoid Post-Vacation Blues 1522 1004 HelloFreshGo

Return more relaxed to the Office from your vacation: 5 Tips to avoid post-vacation depression

It was only yesterday when you sat at the beach with a cocktail in your hand. And today you are already sitting at the desk in front of your screen? You miss the holiday feeling and already feel stressed when you think about all the workload that is waiting for you? No surprise that many people drop into the so-called post-vacation blues or post-vacation depression. We have five tips for you to keep up the good mood after returning from your holidays.

1) Don’t return Mondays

Don’t return back to the office on a Monday. Mondays are generally considered the most stressful day of the week. Wednesday or Thursday is better to return and slowly pace back into the daily work routine. Psychologist Jessica de Bloom recommends this trick to make your holiday feeling longer.

2) Plan your return in advance

Plan your meeting in your calendar in advance, so you know what to expect when you return. It avoids that you are overwhelmed with all work at once. Avoid to have big meetings on the first days and count in enough time to check all your emails. Prioritise and remember that not everything needs to be done at the same time. Give a heads up and answer the most important Emails with a short note to let them know that you are on it and are getting back to them with a longer answer as soon as possible. 

3) Holiday playlist and food

Music helps to fight the post-holiday blues and makes you happy. Extend your holiday feeling by plugging in your headphones and listening to your favourite holiday playlist at work. Did you enjoy the culinary food offers very much? Try to cook your favourite holiday food also here at home and bring it with you to work. All your colleagues will be impressed.

4) Plan the next trip

Plan the next vacation. Then you can already feel excited about your next travels and it does not feel like a sudden gap. It does not necessarily need to be a big trip but something you can look forward to. 

5) Enjoy summer at home

Keep up the summer feeling at home by lying in the garden or going to the lake on the weekends to refresh your summer tan. That little golden summer tan will make you look more relaxed and remind you about your holidays every time you look in the mirror. But be careful to keep skin care in mind.