Sugarfree? How Nick’s healthifies their chocolate bars

Sweet indulgence without sugar? YES! Meet the sugarfree Nick's bar making your life better.
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Sugarfree? How Nick’s healthifies their chocolate bars

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HelloFreshGO HelloFreshGO has interviewed Niclas “Nick” Luthman, founder and head of R&D at Nick’s for you. 

1. What do you do?

At Nick’s, we fight the global sugar industry! We have developed Nick’s Ice Cream and Nick’s Chocolate Bars, both made without sugar. We want to serve people sweet pleasure without added sugar, in order not to harm their health with too much of that “white poison”.

2. When were you founded?

Nick’s was founded in 2016/2017 in Sweden.

3. How did you start?

Sweet enjoyment is basically part of the mind and soul; it is simply a part of human “being”. Too much sweet sugar, however, damages the human body and may develop insulin resistance or diabetes. To avoid harming the body with too much sugar, we had the idea to develop the famous Nick’s products

4. What is your mission?

Our simple idea that all good tasting things not only taste good, but also good for you and the people you love. Sounds fair, doesn’t it?

5. What makes you unique?

We do not use any sugar additives in the manufacture of our products. Our manifesto is as follows:

  • The Flavor first! We always put taste first. For us, food means enjoyment. Great taste will always come first. We have a clear mission to our taste and we will never launch products that don’t taste better than the market leader. We will never compromise on taste.
  • No Added Sugar or Artificial Sweeteners! We don’t add sugar to any of our products. Not now, not always. The best way to get a full, round, sweet taste with no added sugar is to use sweet fibre called polydextrose, an extract from the stevia plant and a natural substance found in plums, pears and grapes (erythritol). Although Erythritol found in fruit has a name that sounds chemical, it’s not alien to our bodies – since we’ve been used to it from the fruit we’ve eaten all our lives.
  • No Gluten or Wheat! Not because it’s trendy, but because wheat in your body quickly turns into sugar (glucose). If you eat wheat and other “empty carbohydrates”, your blood sugar rises quickly. Frequent and pronounced blood sugar fluctuations are negative for your weight (and your health). In addition, more and more people feel better if they avoid gluten, a protein found in wheat.

5. What is your bestseller?


Our bestsellers are Nick’s Kexbar, Nick’s chocolate bar with the flavour “Coconut” and the Nick’s Protein Sport-Crunch wafer bar. We have also just developed a new chocolate bar in the “Peanut N Fudge” flavour and believe that it will quickly become one of the most popular products.

6. Which products do you supply HelloFreshGO with?

We supply HelloFreshGO with all our bestsellers of course.

7. What inspires you?

Our idea of indulgence has evaporated and the responsibility we have to make the “right and decent” decisions become stronger. The more people we have with us, the greater our determination to deliver healthy enjoyment. We love what we do and hope that this feeling comes to you!

8. What are you currently working on?

We are currently working on developing some ice cream and more chocolate bar flavours. Be first to find out what’s new on our Homepage or on Instagram.

9. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Our goal for next year is to be present in all supermarkets worldwide. We hope that the supermarkets also understand the advantages of our products and help us fight against the sugar mafia. We haven’t changed the snack world yet. But we have products that we think we can, so we will definitely try it. Because if we don’t, who will?

10. What do you enjoy most at your job?

I may be the person behind the name, but Nick’s is a vision much bigger than me. Nick’s is a team of talented people who are passionate about health and food. Everything we make must taste better or at least as good as the sugar- and carbohydrate-rich competitors that surrounds us.

It’s exciting to acheive something good and change the world with the help of great people.