Supplier Interview: HEJ Natural For Healthy Snacks That Also Taste Great

Who is behind our delicious protein bars? 10 questions and 10 answers from HEJ Natural.

Supplier Interview: HEJ Natural For Healthy Snacks That Also Taste Great

Supplier Interview: HEJ Natural For Healthy Snacks That Also Taste Great 1200 800 HelloFreshGo

About HEJ Natural

HEJ Natural is a young start-up from Hamburg. According to the principle “really tasty and naturally healthy”, HEJ produces healthy fitness food for every lifestyle. HEJ products not only impress with their modern branding but also keep their promise regarding taste and nutrients.


We interviewed Julius Wolf, the founder of HEJ Natural. Julius is 28 years old and has been in the business for 5 years. Here are his answers.

1. In 3 sentences: How does HEJ Natural work?

HEJ is striving to produce incredibly tasty and healthy products such as bars, protein powder and fitness muesli. Their energizing fitness lifestyle products are shaking up the long-established industry of the masculine fitness industry. The aim is to combine “healthy” and “delicious” in everyday products and to ban the usual chocolate bar from any supermarket shelves and shopping baskets.

2. How did you start?

We have been working with our firm the Goodlife Company for 5 years on the e-commerce platform Protein-projekt.de and on our own product development with HEJ Natural for 2.5 years. My co-founder Jannik and I are childhood friends. We both studied in Holland. There we experienced the cultural differences and the attitude of Dutch society towards food. Just 5 years ago the Dutch embodied a much healthier and modern lifestyle than the Germans. Here protein was still very much associated with the stereotype “bodybuilding”. This is how we founded our company and tried to change the German way of thinking.

3. What makes you special?

Our goal is to be a pioneer in the fitness industry and to help society to eat healthily. We do not only target bodybuilders but also everyone else who wants to feel fit and healthy in their daily life or after a workout. We want to combine lifestyle and function and make a healthier life easier.

Social media and influencers are the perfect media for us to communicate our brand message. This way you can report on “Healthy Snacking” and discuss the topic differently every day.

4. What is unique about your production?

What we have done very well in our production is to create an honest bar that is true to its promise and has a unique nutrient mix.

It’s tasty, but also really healthy. Our protein bar, for example, has a uniquely low sugar content of fewer than 3 grams. The vegetable fibre isomalto-oligosaccharide replaces the carbohydrates in our products This innovative formula makes our bar particularly rich in fibre and protein and avoids high sugar content.

5. What is your bestseller?

Our absolute bestseller is the Hejbar Cookies & Milk.

6. Which products do you deliver to HelloFreshGO

We supply HelloFreshGO with our Hejbars (protein bars) and Hejbites (nut bars). These are the perfect snacks for in between meals in the office. Compared to the typical sugar bar, our healthy products provide the best nutrition and keep you full for up to 3 hours, without causing cravings.

7. What inspires you?

I’d say it’s the foreign countries that inspire us the most. My partner Jannik is in the States every 3 months and gets a lot of inspiration there. America is just the leader in the food industry. In American supermarkets, there are whole aisles with healthy products. We take back a lot of impressions and experiences and see how it could fit into the German market.

8. What are you working on at the moment?

Unfortunately, we can’t reveal anything concrete yet, but we look at different categories. We are interested in delicious breakfast or products for the evening.

9. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

We are not finished with the “Healthy Snacking” topic. We want to remain a trendsetter, have a lasting influence in the German market and to replace the old snacks with something healthy. Our products should not only be available in the supermarket but also at petrol stations – simply everywhere where it must go fast. We already exist in many European countries, such as Sweden, Switzerland, Holland and Ireland. In the long-term, we also see ourselves on the shelves of American supermarkets.

10. What do you enjoy most about your job?

I love the challenge and to build something new from scratch. Especially when the final result is unclear beforehand. A great team of 25 ambitious employees supports me on my mission. Together with this motivated team, it is a lot of fun to push the healthy snacking topic in Germany.