Tasty and easy: How to prepare a quick dinner in only eight minutes

Need a quick dinner in just eight minutes? We have the solution that's quick to prepare and always fresh. No need to visit the supermarket or chop vegetables for a dinner that has an absolute guarantee of success and flavour.
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Tasty and easy: How to prepare a quick dinner in only eight minutes

Tasty and easy: How to prepare a quick dinner in only eight minutes 825 547 HelloFreshGo

Tasty and easy: How to prepare a quick dinner in only eight minutes

Cooking after a long day can sometimes be too much. Instead, people rely on ready meals or just ordering a takeaway. To combat this, HelloFreshGO will show you how to get a delicious and quick dinner in just eight minutes.

Hand on heart: After coming home from eight hours at work how often do you head to the kitchen and cook a healthy dinner? Rarely? No wonder! After all, it’s time-consuming and exhausting. All you want is a quick meal. But that’s not easy.

Why fast dinners aren’t fast

It starts with an after-work rush to the supermarket. By the second aisle, you’re annoyed because you can’t find an ingredient you need for your recipe. You think of an alternative, but another drama unfolds at the till. The queue is endless and it’s ten minutes before you finally pay and leave.

And, once you’re home, a quick dinner still isn’t in sight because first, you must prepare all your vegetables and ingredients before you even begin cooking. Then, with luck, you can finally sit down to eat 30 minutes later. On top of a long day, cooking in the evening is just too much. Instead, a frozen pizza or a delivery service seems much more appealing. This saves time and stress but isn’t always the healthy option.

Now, are you asking yourself what the alternative is? A complete dinner that is healthy and fast to prepare? It’s possible with HelloFreshGO‘s Ready to Cook Dinner Box.

What is the Ready to Cook Dinner Box?

The Ready to Cook Dinner Box includes a meal for two (or, if you’re going it alone, you can enjoy your meal twice!). In the box, you’ll find a delicious recipe and all the necessary ingredients for a ready-to-cook meal.

The good news: The vegetables are already sliced while the rice and meat are pre-cooked. So you get a complete meal with three components in just eight minutes. All you have to do is heat the box’s ingredients together in a pan. Simple, fast, tasty and healthy.

The benefits of the Ready to Cook Dinner Box

By choosing to cook with the Ready to Cook Dinner Box, you save a visit to the supermarket, you don’t have to think about what to cook and there’s no annoying preparation. Instead, you will get a fast dinner with fresh ingredients from a dinner box that you take directly home from the office. No detours, no extra stress.

What dishes are there?

You can decide what you fancy today. Do you want something with meat? Then try the teriyaki chicken with rice and colourful vegetables. Do you feel like going vegetarian today? Then why not try the gnocchi pan with basil pesto or the vegan korma curry with sweet potatoes and cashews? Dishes change regularly and the box costs € 6.99 for two portions. You can hardly prepare it yourself for that price!