Tips and tricks: Get through autumn and winter without catching a cold

You can cope with the chilly season well in spite of the cold, rain and snow. Simple exercises at the office and proper nutrition are effective ways of preventing colds and nasty infections.
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Tips and tricks: Get through autumn and winter without catching a cold

Tips and tricks: Get through autumn and winter without catching a cold 2560 2560 HelloFreshGo

Tips and tricks to survive winter without catching a cold

You can feel the chilly season is approaching. It is starting to get windy, rainy and cold. We want you to stay healthy and fit in the office. Therefore, we have collected helpful tips and tricks to get through autumn and winter without catching a cold.  Find some simple exercises at the office and read how proper nutrition are effective ways of preventing colds and nasty infections and help keep your spirits up.

How fitness and nutrition protected you from colds

It’s that time of year again. Autumn and winter are on the march, and with them come all sorts of unpleasant side effects such as a lack of energy, general aches, coughs, runny noses, the classic cold and the nasty flu. But, if you support your immune system through proper nutrition and regular exercise, you can stay fit and healthy all through the winter. HelloFreshGO will show you what you can do to help in everyday life.

It happens to all of us: When it’s cold outside, we just want to curl up in bed and try to wait out the most uncomfortable time of year. Instead of jogging in the morning, we prefer to stay in bed longer and dream of our last beach holiday. And in the evening, we become the laziest couch potatoes. In reality, getting enough exercise helps you stay fit and in a good mood.

In addition to the motivation to exercise disappearing in winter, the desire to cook food often dips too. Just a few weeks earlier, preparing your own meals or breakfasts and enjoying them in the office was great fun. Now, you just hope you don’t have to wait too long in the fast food queue. However, you should push this aside and continue to eat well as this is key to long-lasting health.

Preventing colds through diet

Thanks to helpful nutrients and vitamins, some foods naturally protect you against colds. The following things should be on your menu:

  • Vegetable/chicken soup: Prepared properly, this well-known home remedy for common colds provides numerous proteins, vitamins and minerals. Add as many different types of fresh vegetables as you can.
  • Tea: Herbal drinks from the pharmacy are effective aids for preventing colds. Their ingredients have anti-inflammatory and detoxifying properties.
  • Ginger: This inconspicuous, tasty root is not only versatile, it’s also very healthy. Use it to make tea or as a spice in your soup.
  • Garlic: Like ginger, garlic also has antibacterial properties. It is good for your health and is deliciously flavourful.

Fitness in the office

You probably already know that a healthy circulatory system is important. To get it going, movement is vital, so don’t skip your morning yoga class, especially in the colder seasons. But even in the office, you can still get some exercise:

  • Forget the lift, use the stairs whenever possible. This not only gets your cardiovascular system and lungs working, it also gives your legs a workout, especially the thigh and calf muscles. As a bonus, you will warm up, too.
  • Don’t just sit around! A quick phone call is handy if you have a question for a colleague, but you can just as easily go to them in person. This gives your body an opportunity to move, and it’s also more personal. Your eyes will also get a break from the computer screen.
  • A walk at lunchtime not only gets your circulation going, the exercise burns calories and the fresh air wakes you up. Afterwards, you might have a funny story to bring back with you to the office, you are more alert and you can concentrate better.

If you follow regularly exercise our fitness tips as well as stick to a balanced diet you are very likely to survive autumn and winter without catching a cold.