About Barebells Functional Foods

More Protein for Germany. Read about Barebells Functional Food and what makes them so special as a new lifestyle product.

About Barebells Functional Foods

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About Barebells Functional Foods

Barebells Functional Foods is a new company from Sweden. With a philosophy of creating “guilt-free pleasures”, Barebells Functional Foods produces protein-enriched snacks that range from protein bars and protein puddings to protein milkshakes and even protein ice creams. There’s a Barebells Functional Foods protein-rich snack alternative for every occasion.


HelloFreshGO caught up with Matthias Dimke, Barebells Functional Foods’ managing director for Germany and Austria. Matthias is 48 years old and works in Hamburg.

1. Describe Barebells Functional Foods in three sentences.

Barebells has set out to develop tasty and protein-enriched snack alternatives. They’re products that you can enjoy anytime, without a guilty conscience. All of our products have a high protein content and a low sugar content to keep your blood-sugar level stable and leave you feeling fuller for longer.

2. How long has the company existed, and how did you get started?

Barebells was founded in Sweden three years ago. Our products are extremely successful there and were increasingly finding an export market outside Scandinavia. As of last year, you can buy Barebells in Germany – in selected supermarkets, at Crossfit Boxing, in fitness studios and of course in HelloFreshGO smart fridges too.

3. What makes Barebells unique?

We make high-performance foods that taste good. The products are designed to provide the optimal nutrients for your body. Athletes often need a high protein intake to build and maintain muscle, and it can be difficult to get enough protein through a normal diet. With our products, you’re eating something delicious and, at the same time, giving your body something good. So-called ‘functional food’ often gets the science right but doesn’t look appetising or taste good. Our products hit the mark with taste, performance and design. We’re incredibly proud to have the Swedish ice hockey team as one of our brand ambassadors.

4. What sets your products apart on the manufacturing side?

When we develop a product, we’re looking to get the perfect balance from a nutritional and physiological point of view; we’re prioritising both the taste factor and the performance factor. We want to create a product where we get the nutritional value and the flavour right, so it’s not only going to appeal to athletes. To do that, we work with expert nutritionists to optimise the balance between proteins and sugars.

5. What’s your best-selling product?

Our current best-sellers are our milkshakes and protein puddings – personally, they take me back to memories of having treats as a kid.

6. Which products do you supply to HelloFreshGO?

We supply HelloFreshGO with protein milkshakes (banana and chocolate) and our protein puddings (strawberry and chocolate), as well as our two best-selling bars: salty peanut and caramel cashew.

7. What inspires you?

We’re inspired by just how sports-mad we are! If you have a really active lifestyle, you soon realise that functional foods meet your nutritional needs but don’t exactly taste great. As mentioned, we’re filling a gap in the market by creating something that provides the body with important macro-nutrients and that also looks and tastes great at the same time!

8. What are you working on right now?

We’re constantly working on bringing out new products: This year we launched Barebells ice cream in Sweden. Lots of our customers have asked about it, but unfortunately it’s not available in Germany yet. We’re working on it, I promise!

9. Where do you see the company in five years’ time?

We see Barebells being firmly established in the market in that time. We’re not only targeting the fitness market but mainstream retail too. The unique flavour means that our products appeal to a wide range of consumers. If the customer also knows that they’re choosing something that’s good for them, even better!

10. What’s your favourite part of the job?

We’re new to the German market and still structuring ourselves as a team. I love being able to start something from scratch and build up a team – it’s a unique opportunity