Valuable HR tips for successful employee motivation

100% performance: How (and why) should you motivate your employees properly? Here are some valuable tips.
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Valuable HR tips for successful employee motivation

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100% performance: How to motivate your employees

Only when an employee is motivated will they give their maximum performance. That is why it’s particularly important for companies to invest time and effort in different employee motivational techniques. In this post, HelloFreshGO will explain the potential ways companies can increase their employee motivation.

Finding good employees is a major challenge for companies today as they are in the middle of a so-called ‘war of talents’. If you have managed to find good employees for your company, then you are already one step ahead of the competition. But finding them is not enough. An employee is only as good as their motivation.

The equation sounds simple: A happy employee = more motivation = better performance = more success for the company.

Constantly motivating employees to do their job is not a simple task. However, there are some measures companies can take to increase employee motivation. These can range from simple things to much larger investments.

Cost-free ways of motivating employees: Raising esteem with praise

It doesn’t always cost money to motivate employees. A simple but effective way to motivate your team can be by showing appreciation for their work. Furthermore, involving them in changes and communicating with transparency can make them feel that they are an important part of your team.

This, of course, includes praise. By praising their work, you show that you value your employees and are, therefore, more likely to retain your staff. Albert Bandura, a professor of Psychology at Stanford University, has shown that encouragement positively affects motivation. Hence, an employee who is praised is more motivated to continue doing a good job because they don’t want to disappoint their boss. By praising your staff, it will raise their self-esteem and they will feel more attached to the company and its products.

In the professional world, praise is often overlooked. During busy periods, only things that work or don’t work are noticed, so unless praise becomes habitual, remembering to make positive comments can prove difficult. One way of integrating praise into everyday life is to always make a positive comment before any criticism, thereby not disrupting an employee’s motivation.

Financial measures for motivating employees: Employee benefits

There are, of course, several material ways to motivate employees. These could be a company car, a work smartphone or a bonus. But beware: these financial benefits can be short-lived. Hence, the joy of a company smartphone flies out of the window when a new model appears on the market. In the long term, employees only remain motivated if they feel comfortable in the company and enjoy their work.

Significantly less expensive than a company car, but very effective, are food and drink. If an employee’s basic needs are met, they can work without distractions. Providing fruit at work offers them a healthy snack. Therefore, is very beneficial if you can offer something to satisfy their hunger at lunchtime and provide a snack for those afternoon lows. Instead of mass-produced chocolate, think about healthier alternatives such as nuts or fruit.

Indeed, Hunger throughout the day can cause distraction and affect motivation, so an effective addition to the office would be the HelloFreshGO intelligent refrigerator. From nuts to chocolate, wraps to pasta dishes and coconut water, employees can find everything to satisfy their thirst and hunger. More about the HelloFreshGO range.

Another plus: You, as an HR or office manager, don’t have to worry about anything – the fridge is kept stocked by the HelloFreshGO team.