Walking meetings: more room for successful meetings

Walking meetings are a nice change to the classic meeting room. Take your jacket and go! Find helpful Tipps how to do a walking meeting right
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Walking meetings: more room for successful meetings

Walking meetings: more room for successful meetings 2560 2042 HelloFreshGo

Walking meetings: more room for successful meetings

Away from work and out into the countryside: many company founders and employees now prefer a so-called walking meeting to a meeting in the office. On the HelloFreshGO blog you can find out what it’s all about and how you can make your business walk more efficient.

Thoughts in the wilderness

Aristotle was aware of the soothing effect of a walk through the Agora of Athens. The famous thinker was accompanied by students and colleagues so they could discuss important matters. This tradition was later taken up by Sigmund Freud. Steve Jobs, Barack Obama and Mark Zuckerberg are also among fans of walking conferences. But what makes a walking meeting appealing?

Brainstorming: Fresh air stimulates thought

You have been sitting in front of the computer for several hours and you cannot organise your buzzing thoughts. It’s time to take a break and get some fresh air. You take a look at the clock: time to go because you have a meeting coming up. Not just any meeting, but a walking meeting. The sun is shining outside, and you stroll past the office building and on to the park. As you walk, you notice your thoughts clearing and you automatically search for new solutions. The change of perspectives is good for you as well as for your employees, because after only 15 minutes you have managed to develop several creative solutions for the new project.

Tips and tricks for a successful walking meeting

Walking meetings are especially useful when creative thinking is required. The discussion of concrete issues, however, is best done in the office, where you can use a whiteboard and other resources to document if needed.

1. Route Planning

When it comes to the route you should take on your walking tour, experts continue to disagree. Some claim that a walking meeting involving attractions or specific aims will have the most impact, others believe that a walk without an aim or a specific route is the most efficient way to promote your thoughts. It is up to you and your colleagues to plan the course of your route.

2. No Coffee Break

On one point, however, the experts agree: cafĂ©s should be avoided for the sake of your health. During the walking meeting, you should not load yourself with unnecessary calories. A vending machine with healthy snacks in the office is the preferred alternative for physical and mental health. Quick and accessible, you’ll have snacks that mean you are well looked after.

3. Do’s and Dont’s for Walking Meetings

Walking meetings offer variety, have a positive effect on wellbeing, and allow you to have serious and deep conversations with your employees beyond all hierarchical standards. These walks are only something for small groups, a maximum of three people. It is important that you inform your staff in advance that the meeting is taking place outside. As a rule, it is recommended to hold walking meetings only in good weather. Persistent colleagues may show perseverance and continue to walk in inclement weather. Thanks to walking meetings, a managing director from the well-known rainy city of Seattle dropped 20 kilograms in windy and rainy weather.