Delivery Hero x HelloFreshGO

From competitor to ally

Boosting office appeal with HelloFreshGO Smart Fridge – How Delivery Hero has a 60 % smart fridge usage rate despite offering its own.

Company’s Snapshot

Founded in Berlin in 2011, Delivery Hero is rapidly growing into the world’s leading local delivery platform. Currently, the company has activities in around 50 countries.

Delivery Hero was formed by combining other European delivery services such as foodpanda, foodora and mjam under one roof. Their major goal: to revolutionize the quick commerce market.

The innovative offer: deliveries in under an hour with the best quality. To this end, over 2,900 employees on 9 floors at the Berlin headquarters are continuously working on optimizing the processes and programming the various web shops and apps.

Their company philosophy: Allowing employees as much flexibility and freedom as possible, also by working from home, has long been an integral part of the company philosophy.

Food delivery and quick commerce.

Why HelloFreshGO?

To guarantee the greatest possible flexibility for its own employees and to increase the attractiveness of the office


+2,900 in the Berlin headquarters.

Customers since


The motivation

The modern office as an
attractive place to work

All processes at Delivery Hero are constantly evolving towards the most flexible work management possible.

The list of corporate benefit measures that support this flexibility is long: from fitness offers, ergonomic office equipment to employee catering.

Nevertheless, since each floor of the nine-story office building has its own tea kitchen with fruit baskets and coffee machines, there was literally little movement between the departments in the past.

The smart HelloFreshGO Fridges, which were set up in two tea kitchens in 2017, should now also break down the physical boundaries between the teams.

Reduce physical boundaries in between departments

The aim was therefore to create a creative meeting place where employees would be happy to come and where they could engage in a lively exchange with each other.
"In order not to let working from home become permanent, we want to equip the current and future offices with additional benefits and concepts to increase the attractiveness of the office."
Kay-Peter Recker, Manager of Workplace Experience

Delivery Hero

The initial situation

Fast food for the nerves
in between and full meals

Delivery Hero ordered two Smart Fridges from HelloFreshGO. The fact that the company was bringing a potential competitor into the company was initially met with scepticism in the management, but the added value for the employees quickly became apparent: the healthy sandwich and snack menu for small hunger pangs and the diverse, more quickly accessible hot meals or salads for the breaks, which are more difficult to plan, were very well welcomed by the workforce and perceived as a real asset.

“A lot works better when you can work more flexibly. Therefore, we want our employees in the office to have the same or even better freedom of their working hours than in the home office. "
Kay-Peter Recker, Manager of Workplace Experience

Delivery Hero

The challenges

state-of-the-art equipment

The collaboration was efficient and straightforward from the start: HelloFreshGO employees inspected the location of the Fridges and clarified the necessary technical issues. The connection and installation of the Fridge was carried out by a technician.

When it was time to modernize and replace one of the devices, the exchange was organized and carried out by HelloFreshGO in cooperation with a shipping company.

Today’s smart food vending machine is equipped with a scanner for cashless payment using a user card or fingerprint. Also, the vending machine informs the product and order routing system of its current fill level via the Internet and adapts the product selection to the preferences of the user when reordering independently.
"I would recommend HelloFreshGO primarily because of the fast, short-term availability of the products and the correspondingly high quality - here you just know that there is always something delicious to eat."
Kay-Peter Recker, Manager of Workplace Experience

Delivery Hero

The results

The office as an all-round carefree package

The successful cooperation is bearing fruit: employees can work more productively thanks to quick access to substantial food, and the office is perceived as enrichment in everyday work.

This is also confirmed by the usage figures for the two Smart Fridges. 1,699 employees are already using the vending machines at Delivery Hero.

The Delivery Hero staff particularly appreciate the options for separating waste after the products have been consumed, as well as the recycled packaging.

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