FlixBus x HelloFreshGO

Smart food meets the transportation industry

Find out how FlixBus provides its employees with hot meals, drinks and snacks in the office around the clock in shifts, during weekend work and during the day, thus achieving usage rates of 80 % and increasing satisfaction.

Company snapshot

FlixMobility GmbH, known in particular under the brand name FlixBus – is a mobility provider and now the market leader of Europe’s largest long-distance bus network.

In 2013, FlixMobility was founded by three entrepreneurs as the start-up FlixBus. The goal was to make sustainable travel convenient and affordable at the same time. Since 2018, Flixbus has also offered rail transport under FlixTrain in addition to long-distance buses. Easy booking and a daily growing offer enable millions of travellers to discover the world for little money. In the process, the green long-distance buses and trains offer an ecological and convenient alternative to private transport.



Why HelloFreshGO?

Fresh food for employees within industrial areas


1,000+ in Munich and Berlin

Partners since


Before HelloFreshGO

"A chocolate bar
is not lunch"

Before HelloFreshGO, FlixBus employees either had to be satisfied with a chocolate bar or invest the time to eat outside.

Catering around the Munich office was always a particular problem. There is a lack of restaurants and supermarkets in the vicinity. Lunch breaks were often scarce, and late-shift workers did not have it any better.

Fruit baskets, muesli bars or snack machines for a quick energy boost were already part of the standard food offerings in the office – but FlixBus employees craved for variety and fresh food.


“Finding the right effort-supply balance”

The aim was to offer FlixBus employees real added value and to ensure catering at the workplace at all times. Healthy food and balanced meals were to be offered quickly and easily directly on site.

"We did have a candy machine, but the employees lacked 'real' food."
Jörn Roßberg, Senior Manager of Internal Communication

FlixMobility GmbH

Partnering with HelloFreshGO

Looking for
a new beginning

In the end, it was clear that a new solution was needed for uncomplicated, time-saving catering that could also be offered around the clock. The goal was to offer wholesome food simply and quickly available on site.

FlixBus management paid attention to HelloFreshGO because of its promise to provide all-around carefree service. All that is needed for the plug & play installation of the HelloFreshGO terminal is a power outlet. Not even Wi-Fi access is required. A completely self-sufficient solution.

The installation of the terminal at FlixBus on-site was unproblematic, Jörn recalls.

"We were all surprised at how quickly it went. It took less than two hours before the Smart Fridge could be used directly."
Jörn Roßberg, Senior Manager of Internal Communication

FlixMobility GmbH

Integration into the office

Acquiring a taste for
fresh catering

After a three-month test phase, management learnt how little effort was needed to maintain the catering solution rolling. “The only effort left for our team assistance now is to open the door for the drivers.” Jörn laughs.

The most celebrated features from HelloFreshGO were the quality and price-performance ratio, the assortment range and the delicious meals. “The balanced variety of fresh offerings is really great, as new dishes are tried out and delivered regularly,” Roßberg says.

"A FlixBus office without HelloFreshGO would set us back and take away the spontaneity of our employees. Every employee would have to remember to bring enough food with them every day. Otherwise, the only thing left would be the little chocolate snack."
Jörn Roßberg, Senior Manager of Internal Communication

FlixMobility GmbH

The results

When the work
pays off deliciously

After all, 80 % of the Flixbus workforce uses the Smart Fridge regularly. Jörn Roßberg says: “The helpful little info brochures from HelloFreshGO have explained to our employees exactly how it works. The operation and shopping process is very intuitive. The employees also helped each other with the registration of the cards.” In addition, the FlixBus intranet was used to communicate internally about the new and big green addition to the office.

In addition, Jörn Roßberg reports, the HelloFreshGO Smart Fridge has become a meeting point for the co-workers. Especially at lunchtime: “Many employees like to talk to each other while they help themselves to the products. And when there’s something new, they tell each other: You’ve already tried this – it’s super tasty!”

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