Easy Box

As individual as your team!

Choose one of the three possibilities and have your fresh food delivered - super easy!

Whether your hunger is big or small - we have the right product for you and your team.

The HelloFreshGO Easy Box makes it easy for you to order delicious food for your employees at home. Let your employees create their own box with their favourite products or surprise them with a box created by our specialists.

Want to give your employees the possibility to create their own box according to their own tastes?  Order coupons and let your employees do the rest!

Want to order a box just for yourself? No problem, this is also possible!

How to register for the HelloFreshGO Easy Box


Buy coupons for your employees online. You can choose between 2 €, 5 € or 10 € coupons.


You will receive an email with your coupon code(s). We will also send you a document with information for your employees.


Your employees visit the Easy Box packages they prefer in our online store.


All your employees need to do now is enter their shipping information and use the voucher code to redeem the employee coupon.

We take care of the rest and deliver the fresh and delicious food directly to your employees' home or office.

Your employees can redeem their vouchers for these packages


Choose your 4 delicious Ready Meals – whether it’s rich pasta, aromatic curry or fresh salad, we offer a varied selection every week. Also vegan or vegetarian dishes! Just warm them up if necessary or enjoy them immediately.


Want full meals for lunch but also something smaller for in between? No problem – put together your own perfect box of 3 Ready Meals and smaller treats like tasty wraps, bagels, sandwiches or small salads.


A whole portion is too much for you or you would rather have an afternoon treat? Easy – simply choose 6 different products from a delicious variety of tasty wraps, bagels, sandwiches or fresh small salads.

What is there to choose from?

Whatever you are craving, we have the right meal for you: sandwiches, wraps, ready meals and more.

Our aim is to offer fresh, tasty and balanced meals, which are selected by our team of food experts under the highest quality standards. We are constantly developing our range of products and thus bring more variety into your daily work.

Wraps & Bagels

Wraps and bagels are the perfect snack for in between meals.


Delicious sandwiches to satisfy your hunger any time of day.

Ready Meals

Hungry? Our ready meals, such as crisp salads and a variety of fresh of hot meals, are just right for you.

Kleine Salate

Our small salads are the ideal choice for satisfying your small hunger.

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