HelloFreshGO Box


Choose a box size tailored to your unique needs!

HelloFreshGO provides an easy, delicious and affordable catering subscription service for the workplace.

Subscribe and get an expertly-curated range of fresh food and snacks. From sandwiches and wraps to abundant green salads and gourmet ready meals to deliciously wraps and sandwiches, we’ve collected our best-selling, highest-rated products that are balanced in taste, texture, and satisfaction and brought them together for you and your team.

Affordable variety, tailored to your needs

Depending on your office’s size (and appetite), we offer an affordable solution that gives you the greatest value for your buck.

Extra Small

for up to 14 employees (14 meals)

159€   99€

per box

excl. VAT

Small Box

for up to 20 employees (20 meals)

249€   129€

per box

excl. VAT

Medium Box

for up to 40 employees (40 meals)

399€   249€

per box

excl. VAT

Large Box

for up to 80 employees (80 meals)

499€   479€

per box

excl. VAT

What’s in the box?

Whatever your team is craving, we’ve got it covered: wraps, ready meals, salads, and more!


A yummy sandwich gets you out of that afternoon slump!


Just like our sandwich, our wraps make for a delicious snack option. 

Lunch Pots & Small Salads

Quick and easy options for when you are on the go.

Ready Meals

Hungry? Ready meals to the rescue!

Big Salad Bowls

Our big salads are light and balanced in texture, flavour and protein.

Not a good time?

Your employees will all be on holiday soon? There are a lot of public holidays coming up?
No problem, we get it!

Just send us an email to sales@hellofreshgo.de and we will pause your subscription for a week.

But please note that we need to know 10 days in advance in order to be able to suspend delivery.