With HelloFreshGO Box XS Subscription you will receive a variation of delicious sweet and savory meals and snacks for ca. 14 employees!

This is HelloFreshGO’s newest catering service that delivers affordable meals directly to your workplace. Fresh and easy.

What’s inside?

Inside you will find a selection of tasty salads, wraps, sandwiched, Ready Meals and lunchpots.. The selection varies every week with seasonal offerings, also including vegetarian and vegan options – you’ll find something for every taste! With 14 delivered meals your employees are sure to be full and happy.

The products last 3-6 days in the fridge, please refer to the imprinted expiration date on each product. After delivery in the morning the food should be refrigerated until consumption.


If you have further questions, feel free to send us an email to sales@hellofreshgo.de or call us +49 157 835 189 87. We love your feedback!


Please note that orders placed until Monday, 12:00 PM can be fulfilled the following week. Any order placed after that will be fulfilled the week after. Example: an order placed on Monday, before 12:00 PM in calendar week 10 will be delivered in calendar week 11. Any order placed after Monday, 12 pm in calendar week 10 will be delivered in calendar week 12.