How do you benefit from our Smart Fridge?

Simple Operability,
Intelligent Functions

The Smart Fridge is more than just a refrigerator or simple food vending machine. Intuitive access options, digital billing, intelligent ordering algorithms and an attractive range of products make the Smart Fridge easy to use and usable for every employee. We also offer all-round service and support, for a worry-free experience.

Why a we call it Smart Fridge?

Smart Fridge Technology

Using sophisticated algorithms and artificial intelligence, we can determine and replenish your exact meal needs, choices, and preferences. In addition, we can manage efficient waste reduction and counteract food waste. But the Smart Fridge offers even more:
How to protect your employees lunch?

NFC Open System
for a Smart Security

Our HelloFreshGO access cards work with NFC technology. This means a contactless data transfer and a simple opening of the Smart Fridge by placing the card. This way, only the people who are supposed to have access have access. In addition, and depending on the system and encryption, other key or access cards based on NFC can also be used for the Smart Fridge. The HelloFreshGO card would then no longer be required.
Better accessibility for a great experience.

Finger-Print Access
For a Personal Touch

Need an extra layer of convenience? Our fingerprint reader its the perfect solution for a more personalized open system. Simply scan your fingerprint and let the reader verify its you. Significantly speed up the access process, the food checkout and the use of your preferred payment method.
Waste less food

In-House Algorithm
For Efficient Stocking

With our proprietary stocking system and intelligent AI, we calculate exactly how the Smart Fridge needs to be filled based on your company size, number of employees, and consumption patterns to create as little food as possible and as much selection and availability as necessary. So the right product is in your Smart Fridge at the right time.
Accessibility for every team member

Employees Portal
For Everyone’s Access

Every team member gets access to their personal HelloFreshGO user account. For a faster self-management approach, we designed the Dashboard to solve doubts regarding past purchases, current credits, and active cards. Under “Billing” you can download invoices, manage your preferred payment options and under “FAQ” you will get full access to our customer support for a more personalized. attention.
Our approach to long-term partnerships

Customer Service

We consider our customers as partners. To maintain this partnership and provide you with the best service, you can rely on a 3-tier customer care.
Partner Management
As a customer, you will have your own partner manager who will guide you through onboarding, trial and the entire partnership with us. For personal support on site, via e-mail and telephone.
Support Center

Should you or your employees ever need help, you can reach our support center by phone almost around the clock.

Help Center and Newsletters
Our Help Center offers a comprehensive collection of articles and FAQs on every conceivable topic related to HelloFreshGO, our products, our assortment, and more. We also offer a monthly newsletter for your employees – so that everyone stays up-to-date.