The new food vending machine

Meet the office’s new favorite perk

Essen im Büro HelloFreshGO Essensautomat


The new food vending machine

Meet the office’s new favorite perk

Essen im Büro HelloFreshGO Essensautomat

The fridge for your office

HelloFreshGO brings you an innovative fridge for businesses that provides employees with diverse and affordable meals right at the workplace.

The refrigerator is installed directly in the building. We take care of all services including regular filling of the fridge.
Each employee is given personal access to the refrigerator with an ID card or fingerprint. After successful registration, purchases can be made directly.
HelloFreshGO provides you with snacks, fresh meals and refreshing drinks around the clock directly at your workplace. So you can enjoy your lunch breaks – without long distances and waiting times.




Fresh Products





Satisfying all needs

Meals & Salads

Choose from healthy breakfasts, farm fresh salads, nutritious ready meals, sushi, filled wraps, tasty sandwiches or delicious desserts. All sourced from our local producers.

2,99 €


Our brainfood includes a large variety of nuts, dried fruit, raw cocoa truffles, organic (vegan) chocolates, (raw vegan) cookies, various nut & protein bars, olive oil chips & beef jerky.

1,99 €


To quench your thirst, we offer refreshing drinks like cold-pressed fruit and green vegetable juices, fresh (protein) smoothies, coconut water and much more.

2,49 €

All-round service included





Customer service

Tech Support

Employee cards



Data protection

Great benefits, no effort

Each employee will be provided with a personal card to get individual access to the vending machine all day

Our early bird restockers refill the machine in the early morning until 10:00 am

The frequency of our refillings are adjusted to your needs and can vary from 2-5 days per week

Doing good is doing better

Access our subsidy for greater employee benefits

Give your employees the appreciation they deserve – our subsidy model gives you the ability to subsidize your team’s purchases from the fridge while benefiting from the government-funded food allowance. A fixed amount per day or only available from a certain time? It’s all possible. We are happy to provide you with the perfect subsidy solution. Just get in touch!

Request 3 months free test fridge*

Make HelloFreshGO your most popular employee benefit. Test it now! Sign up now for a 3-month (free & no obligation!) trial and find out how this innovative catering option is received in your company.

You’d rather talk to someone in person?

Our sales team is here for you on 0800-8868688.

*Depending on general conditions such as company size, number of employees, location, etc.