HelloFreshGO Box

Home Office


Engage & Motivate Your Remote Employees

 A fresh treat that can be ordered online in a matter of seconds and delivered directly to home offices. 

Improve employee loyalty, mood and productivity

Don’t let your employees working from home, feel the slump. Fresh food & snacks increase productivity and serotonin no matter the hour of the day – especially when offered as an employee perk. Keep Your employees engaged just as they are at offices- and save them the cooking clean up mess.


3 meals

22,99€ per box


7,66€ per meal

without VAT

Minimum order quantity: 20


4 meals

29,99€ per box


7,50€ per meal

without VAT

Minimum order quantity: 15


5 meals

34,99€ per box


7,00€ per meal

without VAT

Minimum order quantity: 15

Rather speak with someone?

Call us at +49 303 119 6627

Don’t waste time with long wait-times or lengthy processes

Whether you have a team of 20 or 1000+ – with a few clicks, anyone can easily order online and deliver directly to your employees’ home offices.

Simply click on the order button on our website and select the number of the boxes you want to order.

Bulk import of employee shipping addresses to surprise them. Alternatively, send them to our online store to purchase directly.

Easily resend the Box based on your team’s schedule to provide ongoing support.

Quality & Hygiene when it matters most

Packed and delivered with utmost care and under strictest hygiene processes, this is the perfect alternative to take-outs & restaurant solutions.

What's inside?

We are committed to providing a healthy, varied range of lunch products that will keep your employees satisfied throughout the week. We collaborate with the best-in-class providers and the box is expertly curated by our team of food experts and rigorously tested by our tasting panel.

Rest assured, your employees will fall in love with your company.


Ready Meals

Sandwiches & Wraps

Small Salads

Save Costs With The Right Choices

Employers can grant their employees non-cash benefits within the scope of the 44 € limit every month (§ 8 para. 2 11 EStG) in addition to their salary – easy and tax-free! Thus, there is no disadvantage if you offer your employees great services in the form of fresh & delicious food from HelloFreshGO. If you are interested, please contact your tax advisor for binding advice on this topic. All information is provided without guarantee.