Snack Box

Surprise & delight your remote employees with delicious, healthy snacks delivered to their door - either one time or every week.

Create The Perfect Remote Experience For Your Team

We make it easy to give your remote employees a work-from-home experience they’ll love with delicious, healthier options that keep them energized, productive and happy!


6 snacks

20,99€ per box


3,49€ per snack

Minimum order quantity: 20


10 snacks

29,39€ per box


2,94€ per snack

Minimum order quantity: 15


18 snacks

41,99€ per box


2,33€ per snack

Minimum order quantity: 15

How does it work?

Register your interest on our website and let us know how many employees you want to reach.

Bulk import of employee shipping addresses to surprise them. Alternatively, send them to our online store to purchase directly.

Easily resend the Snack Box based on your team’s schedule to provide ongoing support.

Which products are in the Snack Box?

We are committed to providing you with a healthy, varied range of snacks that will keep you satisfied throughout the week. We collaborate with the best-in-class providers to ensure a high level of quality and taste.

That’s why every snack that goes into your box is expertly curated by our team of food experts and is rigorously tested by our tasting panel. Because we want you to discover delicious and healthier food you love, every time. Inside you will find a changing variety of goodies like bars, nuts, chips, muesli and more.

The exact variety of the snacks per box may vary. However, there will never be two of the same (for example the Box S will contain 6 different snacks every time).