HelloFreshGO makes a contribution to society in times of the Corona crisis

HelloFreshGO donates food to the food banks in Stuttgart, Hamburg and Frankfurt as well as the Bethel Hospital, the Berlin Angels and the Charité.

Many people and businesses around the world have been severely affected by the Corona crisis. “Solidarity under the sign of Corona” is an initiative that HelloFreshGO has also taken to heart. For this reason, HelloFreshGO has thought about how we can help and support people, businesses and non-profit organizations in this difficult time. 

Normally, HelloFreshGO provides businesses with fresh and affordable meals directly at the workplace around the clock. Even during the Corona crisis, HelloFreshGO continues to work with vigor to provide fresh meals especially to those people and businesses in Germany that need it most at the moment, such as hospitals (e.g. Charité) and employees who do not have the luxury of working from home. 

Furthermore, HelloFreshGO has donated food worth more than 50,000 euros to charitable and system-relevant institutions in recent weeks, including the Tafel in Stuttgart, Hamburg and Frankfurt. In Berlin, HelloFreshGO was able to support the Bethel Hospital, the Berlin Angels and the Charité, as well as the LMU Clinic in Munich. 


Even outside of these new circumstances, HelloFreshGO regularly donates to the food bank and works closely with the organization SIRPLUS. Sustainability is an important topic for us, which is why we try to counteract food waste with both organizations. 

In the coming weeks we will continue to try to support our society in “Corona times”. Do you know an organization that urgently needs help? We can distribute food in Hamburg, Berlin, Nuremberg, Stuttgart, Frankfurt. Please contact info@hellofreshgo.com with the name of the organization and contact information.

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