HelloFreshGOes Home Office (Blog Series) – Engage & Motivate Your Employees By Sending Them Care Packages

HelloFreshGOes Home Office (Blog Series) – Engage & Motivate Your Employees By Sending Them Care Packages

HelloFreshGOes Home Office (Blog Series) – Engage & Motivate Your Employees By Sending Them Care Packages 800 512 HelloFreshGo

Topic 1: Engage and Motivate Your Employees Working from Home – Send them care packages

How are you keeping your employees and team engaged and connected while they work from home?

We know that a huge part of being a team is feeling a sense of collaboration, community and connection in a bustling office. We all miss going out for team lunches and grabbing coffee with our work best friend.

While the current quarantine has reminded us of life’s simple delights like making our own coffee at the comfort of home or working in sweatpants – the Home Office set-up is more complicated than the usual work environment, as it lacks physical  engagement of your staff. Even worse, it lacks the capacity to motivate your employees. 

A Gallop study, which focused on driving engagement, indicated that being ignored by your manager is almost twice as likely to lead to active disengagement than if your manager focuses on your weaknesses. This clearly emphasizes the importance of continuous dialogue, motivation and appreciation.

In order to help you keep your employees motivated during quarantine, we are starting the HelloFreshGOes Home Office tips series. During the course of the next few days, we will share some valuable tips with you on how to keep your team engaged during this home office setup. 

This week, we talk about the importance of making your employees feel the same as in offices – Send them Care Packages

Tip 1. Send care packages

Just like the office premises, in order to be productive, it is crucial that employees are energized during their entire home office day. Eating nutritious food is key to enhance brain function. Working from home blurs the boundaries between private and professional life and proper nutrition can often be overlooked. 

And despite the comfort of working in sweatpants and making coffee at home – your employees must definitely miss the little benefits at the office kitchen or canteen that kept them motivated and engaged-  The fruit baskets, the snacks – the fact that they didn’t have to worry about cooking or doing the dishes.

We might just have the perfect solution to delight your employees and team members- even as they work from home!

Keep your employees engaged and surprise them with a care package like HelloFreshGO Home Office Box sent directly to their homes.  The box includes a variety of snacks, sandwiches, ready meals and salads to provide your employees with fresh and healthy food throughout the entire work day. Whether you have a team of 10 or 1000+ – with a few clicks, you can easily order online and deliver directly to your employees’ home offices.

By offering your employees a treat in the form of a ready fresh meal or snacks, such as the one from HelloFreshGO, you can show them your gratitude for their work, during these challenging times of home office. 

A healthy lunch care package will furthermore have positive implications on productivity, as employees can set time away for eating rather than cooking, while still being able to enjoy a fresh and healthy lunch.

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