Tasty. Fresh. Healthy.

The Smart
Canteen Alternative

Increase the well-being and health of your team through healthy food. Around the clock, seven days a week, at every workplace. Whether in the office, in factory halls, in hospitals or hotels. With HelloFreshGO, you are fully covered.

We offer you pre-packaged time-savers

Save Productivity
One Meal at a Time

With our smart fridge, your team can focus on what’s important during the break: the social networking. The meals are picked, paid and prepared within a few seconds. This saves your team time and energy – because no one needs to buy, prepare or stand in line for food anymore.

Leading the catering industry into the future

HelloFreshGO takes Food and Tech
To the Next Level

We Learn your Preferences

Our algorithm learns with every purchase and order more of what you like.

Aim at Zero-Waste

We aim to reduce your food waste by learning your purchase behaviors, giving offers and education.

Customize Your Plan

Enjoying the vegan options? Or perhaps the seasonal specials? Twitch your plan on behalf of the team.

Partner With Us

The longer we partner, the better we predict your preferences, reduce your waste and avoid stock-outs.

Home-Like Food Options

Bringing “Homemade”
To Your Workplace

The majority of our providers are family-owned businesses that know how to deliver homemade-quality meals to your office.

Your team will not believe how alike the office fridge will be to their home fridge.

Beyond taste, we care for nutritional value. We created our own “Health Score” sent via our weekly newsletter to all customers.

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