Tasty. Fresh. Convenient.

Smart Food
for your team

We bring the best company benefit for efficient businesses. Increase the output of your team substantially with delicious food, accessible with one click, at any time. For the office, factory halls, hospitals or hotels, hire HelloFreshGO and reward your employees with a balanced work lifestyle.

Meet the Smart Fridge

Saving productivity
one-meal at a time

With our Smart Fridge, your team can concentrate on what’s important during the break: the exchanging of ideas. The meals are ready to be selected, paid for and ready to enjoy within seconds. This saves your team time and energy – because no one needs to buy, prepare or queue for food any more.

Leading the catering industry into the future

HelloFreshGO takes food and tech
to the next level

Smart Hardware for Smart Solutions

Our technology relies on sensor data for an optimal technical, customer and delivery service. We bring the power of IoT to the kitchen.

Safe Alternative to Care for Your Team

Secure your team’s lunch with dedicated access through programmable NFC technology and fingerprint scanning.

Long-Term Partnerships

We constantly improve our service by learning and iterating our offering. New food choices, better stocks and faster service every month.

Home-like food options

Bringing “Homemade”
to your workplace

The majority of our providers are family-owned businesses that know how to deliver homemade-quality meals to your office.

Your team will not believe how alike the office fridge will be to their home fridge.

Beyond taste, we care for nutritional value. We created our own “Food Score” sent via our weekly newsletter to all customers.

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