Get your personal ID card from your office management and register using the number located at the top right corner.

Already have an account? Simply log in to your dashboard to check your details and purchases.  

Can’t find your card number?

To register, you need to enter the individual number on the top right corner of your HelloFreshGO card. You will receive your card from office management.

Have you
lost your card ?

Have you lost your card? You can simply deactivate it yourself in your personal dashboard. You can find more details in the FAQs below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Registration & Usage

  • Please, use your official office Email address for registration. Your private Email is unfortunately not eligible.

  • Important! Before making the effort to reach out – we are not the HelloFresh Meal Kit company. In order to delete your HelloFreshGO account with the fridge at your office please contact us via info@hellofreshgo.de.

  • You can log in and easily block your card yourself in the dashboard by setting the green button “Karte aktiv” to “Karte inactive”. This prevents any purchases on your account.

    If you have deactivated your card, you can get a new one and write an email to info@hellofreshgo.de with the new number. Our team will be happy to activate this card to your account. If you have found your card, feel free to activate it again.

  • You can register your fingerprint in 1 minute.

    1. Go to the HelloFreshGO terminal and place your activated card on the reader.
    2. Press the triangle and on “Fingerabdruck registrieren” at the top right of your name.
    3. Put your finger 4x on the finger scanner and confirm the automatic email.


    From now on you don’t need to bring your card anymore, because the fridge opens just by placing on your finger on the fingerprint reader! The fingerprint is just an addition to the card. You can, of course, use both.

  • We respect all our customer’s privacy. For this reason, your fingerprint is only stored locally on the terminal and not in the cloud. There’s nothing to worry about!

  • Do want to be unsubscribed from the e-mail with the weekly menus? Click here to unsubscribe.

Purchasing & Scanning

  • If there is a valid reason, why you could not scan the product, please keep the packaging of your purchases. Get in touch with our customer support on the same day by contacting info@hellofreshgo.de. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

  • For security reasons, we have set up a 60-second countdown. This will automatically log you out and protect your account should you forget to log out.

    If you need a little longer for your purchase while you are still looking for your products, that is no problem at all. Simply log in again and complete the purchase

  • For security reasons, we have set up a 60-second countdown. This will automatically log you out and protect your account should you forget to log out.

    If you already have a few items scanned and placed in your shopping basket, they are considered purchased and will be debited from your account. Please make sure to complete your purchase before the countdown expires.

    To cancel the purchase, please contact info@hellofreshgo.de . Please note, that we cannot cancel a purchase after the invoice has been created.

Billing & Payment

  • For security reasons we have to verify your bank account after your registration so that you can use HelloFreshGO without any troubles. Therefore we debit a test amount of 0,10 € from your credit card. This amount will be refunded immediately.

  • When you cannot assign an invoice which was sent to you please log in to your dashboard on www.hellofreshgo.de/login – here you can find your purchase history and compare your past purchases with the bill we sent to you via e-mail. If you feel like there is still something wrong please get in touch with Lena via info@hellofreshgo.de.

  • Unfortunately, it is not possible to top up credit to your HelloFreshGO card. We will bill your purchases at the end of the day and charge your payment method accordingly.

  • Unfortunately, it is not possible to buy gift cards for HelloFreshGO.