Delicious food at work, at any time!

We create a weekly changing menu of fresh, tasty and balanced dishes ensuring satisfied employees in the workplace. Here is an example our selection for you.

Lunch - Fight against the midday low

A well-balanced selection of fresh lunches – whether vegan, vegetarian or with meat, from seasonal, to soothing and fit meals.

Seasonal: Gnocchi with pumpkin ragout and goat cheese


Fit-Meal: Chicken Zucchini Plate

Penne Basil Pesto


Salads - The light alternative

Large salad: Oriental Falafel Bowl


Large salad: Caesar pasta Salad Bowl

Small salad: Pasta & rocket


Large salad: Beef & Edamame Salad Bowl

Fresh snacks - Satisfy your small hunger



Tyrolean Wrap

Pretzel roll with pulled pork

Breakfast & Dessert - To start your day and satisfy your sweet tooth

Breakfasts and desserts change weekly, from light to rich. For a perfect start to the day or to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Chia Nut Porridge


Mango Chia Pudding

Turkish berry dessert

Rice pudding with cherries

Drinks & Snacks - For in between

Mango Tango Smoothie

BIO Energy Drink

Berry Banana Smoothie

Chocolate bar

Protein bar


Look forward to even more delicious dishes!

We are constantly developing our range of fresh and delicious dishes and bringing more variety into your daily work routine.