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The People Behind

Our team share more than a hiring process and a common workplace. We share the passion to succeed through an amazing office culture and a service that brings value to thousands of people across Germany.

Meet the professionals behind the service and learn what makes us unique.

What happens behind the scenes

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Our company culture aims to shape a community where every voice has a chance to be heard, where every person is valued, respected, and offered a safe place to thrive… and to have fun in the process!

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in Moabit, Berlin.

Top-notch professionals under one roof

The Team Behind the Vision

Powering thousands of lunch breaks takes a unique infrastructure and the collaboration of many agile interdisciplinary teams. Meet the leadership team that makes it happen.

Dr. Markus Schneider
Dr. Felix Wagemann
Antonia Fink
Chief of Staff to the CEO & Head of Commercial Strategy
Elisabeth Hartmann
Head of Sales
Domenico Varuzza
Senior Manager Strategic Purchasing
Vanessa Saalfeld
Head of Marketing
Alexander Eitner
Head of Partner Management
Maaz Imran
Head of Data Analytics & BI
Hanna Borchmann
Senior Manager Finance
Pablo Rodriguez
Head of Tech & Engineering
Laetitia Manu
Senior Human Resources Manager
Anna Boguslavska
Head of CRM & CC
Johanna Krauskopf
Head of Strategic Operations
Magdalena Jöres
Senior Manager Product Dev.
Adam Geiszt
Head of Product Supply

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HelloFreshGO is led by a team of experienced serial entrepreneurs and investors.

You can join the team and get to work at a breakthrough company that is revolutionizing the food-tech industry.

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