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Our Food Partner Program helps new suppliers build a business, drive sales and grow their brand.

We invite you to this joint partnership where you get access to a new audience, unseen data points from our analytics infrastructure and marketing through our B2C channels.

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Why becoming a food partner?

We help you achieve
your potential

What do you get when taking part of our Partner Program:

Exposition to a new audience

We stock hundreds of terminals every week. With our supply chain, you will reach out thousands of new customers all across Germany.

Access to POS data & analytics

Our data infrastructure allows us to track and later share with you unique data points about your product performance.

Marketing in different channels

We ensure that your product is not another one in a bunch. Beyond supplying your products, we promote them in our B2C channels.

Reach out thousands of new customers every week

Logistics and distribution network

We offer you a supply chain tailored to take advantage of our logistics and distribution network and open distribution access to thousands of new customers every week.

Today we have access to over 25 thousand employees (as of January 2021) and we distribute to warehouses from every major commercial hub in Germany.

Data to boost your business

Valuable insights
from POS-data

Discover the potential of your business with our POS-data reports that will give you a clear picture of your product performance in two major categories:
Customer behavior and demographics
Geographical differences in purchasing behaviour
Product popularity by time of day and by weekday
Product popularity according to employees
Product economics
Sales per item
Pricing changes on sales
Promotion/Discount effects
Access to a whole new audience

We market your product
in 3 different channels

Newsletter & Email Campaigns

Promotion of products in weekly newsletter sent to the subscribed customers to inform them about our menu for the current week.

Top Shelf & Terminal Screen

We highlight your product on the spot. Users find new products on the top shelf of our terminals and receive information on the screen for maximum visibility to customers.

Instagram Feed

We post your products in high quality on our official Instagram Feed. We create new content on demand with our professional in-house photographers.

What is possible with our Partner Program?

Focus use cases

“New market entry”
“Better positioning of products in the individual markets”
“Learn which of your products are the favorites for our customers”
“Target group oriented marketing”
“Direct customer feedback”
“Understand geographical differences in purchasing behaviour”
We look forward to hearing from you

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