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HelloFreshGO has everything you need for complete employee catering with minimal space requirements.

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Save taxes with
satisfied employees

As a company, you can save taxes with tax-free meal allowances (benefits in kind) and at the same time offer your employees a real benefit.

Here in Germany, meal subsidies (called “Essenszuschüsse” in German) are a good alternative to a wage increase because they are easy to implement and, above all, inexpensive.


is the maximum amount of the meal allowance per working day (the total value of the purchase may be higher).


is the maximum amount with which employers can subsidize their employees tax-free.


is the minimum purchase amount that employees need to spend to be subsidized.

0 x1

only one subsidy per
employee per working day.

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Promote your company – and your employees at the same time.

Increase the loyalty of your employees

Fluctuation is costly and harms your company in the long run. During the lunch break, team cohesion is strengthened and employees feel valued. With HelloFreshGO, employees can concentrate on the essentials and no longer have to worry about their own meals.

Increase productivity & recovery

Waiting in line at the supermarket or snack bar? That takes between 30 minutes and 1 hour every day. 5 days a week for each employee - that adds up to a considerable number of hours that cannot be used for recreation.

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