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HelloFreshGO offers everything you need to run a fully-automated canteen at scale.

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Solving Many of Your
Problems at Once

Our offer goes even further than delicious accessible meals:

And much more! Call us to learn how your business can benefit from fresh food at the office, always.

Did you know?

Get Government Help
For Your Investment

Businesses can apply for a food subsidy scheme to give their employees corporate benefits, tax-free.

Here in Germany, food subsidies (called “Essenszuschüsse” in German) represent a great alternative to a wage raise, are easy to carry-out and above all, at low-costs.


Is the top value of a meal to be eligible for a subsidy.


Is the top amount paid by the employee.


Is the top amount subsized by the employeer, tax-free.

0 x1

Only one subsidy per
employee per working day.

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Our Best Savings Are
Not Always Obvious

Business, in a way that makes sense for them. But if it makes them think about how good the value is, and how difficult it is.
Decrease Employee Turn-Over

Turn-over is costly, and it hurts your bottom line. Thanks to HelloFreshGO, teams create genuine connections and feel valued in their job. The result? A higher employee retention rate.

Increase Productivity

Home cooking or queuing at your nearest bistro takes between 30 minutes to 1 hour every day. 5 days a week multiplied by each employee sums considerable hours that can be optimized with an in-house food solution.

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