Meet the
office’s new

Exchange uninspiring snack boxes and time-consuming food ordering for a high-tech smart vending machine – filled with great meals at affordable prices.

HelloFreshGO combines innovative features and quality materials while being a real eye-catcher in your office. This vending machine can be your new favourite perk – your employees will love the convenience,  speed and food variety.

We are excited to show how HelloFreshGO can change your office.

How does it work?

Pay & Go: Lunch in less than 10 seconds


Activate the personal card by registering a preferred payment method online


Open the fridge with a card/fingerprint, grab the food and pay using the self-checkout


We will send you a bill with your weekly purchases at the end of the week

Satisfying all needs

Meals & Salads

Choose from healthy breakfasts, farm fresh salads, nutritious ready meals, sushi, filled wraps, tasty sandwiches or delicious desserts. All sourced from our local producers.


Our brainfood includes a large variety of nuts, dried fruit, raw cocoa truffles, organic (vegan) chocolates, (raw vegan) cookies, various nut & protein bars, olive oil chips & beef jerky.


To quench your thirst, we offer refreshing drinks like cold-pressed fruit and green vegetable juices, fresh (protein) smoothies, coconut water and much more.




Fresh Products





Great benefits, no effort

Each employee will be provided with a personal card to get individual access to the vending machine all day

Our early bird restockers refill the machine in the early morning until 10:00 am

The frequency of our refillings are adjusted to your needs and can vary from 2-5 days per week

Doing good is doing better

Access our subsidy for greater employee benefits

Give your employees the appreciation they deserve – our subsidy model gives you the ability to subsidize your team’s purchases from the fridge while benefiting from the government-funded food allowance. A fixed amount per day or only available from a certain time? It’s all possible. We are happy to provide you with the perfect subsidy solution. Just get in touch!