Sustainability Report 2020

is our priority

Our entire business model is designed to be as sustainable as possible. We are constantly working to achieve our sustainability goals. This applies to the production and selection of ingredients, logistics, our supply chain and even the choice of packaging or the avoidance of waste production. We are on the way to a zero-emission strategy and complete reduction of food waste. We also aim to use 100 % recyclable or reusable packaging.

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Green House Emissions

If you choose HelloFreshGO, you can save up to 85 kg of CO2 per month. That's the equivalent of one month's CO2 emissions from driving a car.

Sustainable Packaging

Only 5 g of plastic is consumed per meal. This compares to 35 g for take-away meals and 36 g for a home-cooked meal.

Lower Food Waste

With our products, you waste less than 10 % of food, compared to private households (23 %) or restaurants (44 %).

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Reduced greenhouse gas emissions

We compared the consumption of our meals with deliveries from a restaurant, once a weekday, over a whole month – and the greenhouse gas emissions were much lower: per person, the equivalent of 85 kg of CO2 was saved per month. The reasons:

Less green house emissions, faster delivery

Sustainable supply
chain management

Only 4 steps are needed in the supply chain to guarantee the best possible freshness of our products while minimizing the impact on the environment

Less plastic, more recycling

Sustainable packaging

In 2018, long before any other player in the industry, we introduced the Halopack, a paper-based food packaging that replaces conventional plastic trays.

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in 15 seconds!

Partnering with responsible suppliers

Sustainable Sourcing

By working with sustainable, locally-based food partners, we save 30 tonnes of CO2 per year through an efficient logistical process.


TONY’S CHOCOLONELY actively fights against
slave labour by focussing on long-term
partnerships with farmers’ cooperatives, helping
with professionalization, paying higher prices to
cocoa farmers, investing in agricultural knowledge
and training to improve farm productivity and
guaranteeing the traceability of cocoa.

Lunch Veganz

LunchVegaz offers convenient additive-free ready
meals that are 100% vegan and organic.


HaselHerz produces Chocolate bars that are
100% organic & 100% vegan. They are committed
to protecting the last free-living orangutans,
preserving the biodiversity of the rainforests
and protecting the climate. With a total of 6 cents
from each sold item, they support the non-profit
association “Orang-Utans in Not” and the initiative
“Aktionsbündnis Regenwald statt Palmöl”.

Jouis Nour

Jouis Nour produces 100% hand-made, organic
small salads, desserts, and breakfasts using local
ingredients from Brandenburg. Jouis Nour packages
its food in 100% recyclable plastic.

Another step towards zero-emissions

Reduced food waste

Food waste with HelloFreshGO is significantly lower (less than 10 %) than when cooking at home (approx. 23 %) or eating out at restaurants (approx. 44 %). One of the main reasons is the consumer-optimized portioning of HelloFreshGO meals.

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The roadmap ahead

Striving towards zero emission, zero food waste, and sustainable packaging is part of our mission and commitments as we look forward to becoming CO2 neutral. Below is a summary of some key focus areas and developments that we are investing in.

5 Initiatives and 3 Goals

Here is a glimpse of our plan and how each initiative aligns with each desired sustainable goal.

Last Mile Eco-Excellence

We plan to start switching to e-mobility within the next 5 years.

Carbon-Footprint Offsetting

We will offer the option to offset carbon emissions, 50 % paid by ourselves, and 50 % by our clients.

Regional and Seasonal Products

Our focus is on increasing regional and seasonal products to meet sustainable sourcing goals.

Smart Fridge
Platform Innovations
We aim to refine our technologies and help curb our food waste with optimized and personalized food quantity and planning systems.
Packaging Innovations

We aim to keep improving the sustainability of our packaging by adopting the greatest innovations.

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The full HelloFreshGO Sustainability Report contains a more detailed overview of the facts and figures highlighted on this page.