The 25 best HR blogs in the German-speaking world – 2021

HR teams take note! These blogs really help. We present the 25 top HR blogs from the German-speaking world.

The motto for 2021 was “Return to work”. A return to the new “normality” after months of lock down and social distancing. This – renewed – change means for HR managers: new challenges, new needs of employees, new hurdles or requirements of teams – but also new opportunities. Keeping track of all this is not always easy – but fortunately there are

fortunately, there are numerous sources for HR managers that always have the latest topics and trends from the HR world at the ready. One of the most helpful options: HR blogs. Here, current developments are analyzed and commented on, trends from the world of work are highlighted, and solutions or approaches to topics such as new work, change management, and more are discussed.

And the range is astounding: there is plenty of content for every niche, every topic and every trend. The German-speaking world in particular does not have to hide here, even in international comparison: In an analysis of HR blogs on a global level, Haufe came to the conclusion that the German blogs clearly stand out from the international versions, especially in terms of quality, neutrality and quantity. 

But in order to keep an eye on the most valuable content among a mass of blogs and posts, you first have to know where to find the best. That’s why we’ve put together an overview of the top 25 blogs of this year. So that you no longer have to search long for suitable content for you in the future!

In order to be able to compare the blogs with each other and to evaluate them on the basis of uniform criteria, we have decided to use publicly comprehensible and researchable indicators:

Frequency & variety of topics

A good blog manages to identify relevant information, tell it in an understandable way and constantly publish new content. In order to look not only at one moment, but at a period representing the entire (very special Corona) year, we chose primarily the months after the hard lockdown and the phase after the end of the federal emergency brake until late summer. Specifically, we analyzed and evaluated the period under consideration from March 01-September 24, 2021, or 208 of 365 days. For a simpler calculation of the average publication frequency, we rounded up to 30 weeks.

Domain Rating & Number of Backlinks

The second criterion is the trustworthiness of the blog. Of course, trust can be interpreted, measured and evaluated in different ways. At this point, we decided to use a purely quantitative method to measure trust – through the domain rating and the number of backlinks of a blog. Two of the main KPIs in the field of search engine optimization, which we calculated with the SEO tool ahrefs. For the rating, the scale ranges from 0 to 100, whereby the higher the rating, the more trustworthy the website. For the backlinks, the more the better also counts, as linking the blog indicates high relevance and trust in the content.

Since we are of course aware that corporate blogs (can) expend quite different resources to produce high-quality content and (can) spend a different budget to generate corresponding brand awareness, we have included both corporate blogs and expert blogs of individuals/groups of individuals in the best list. In addition, we have excluded company-related blog posts so as not to distort the frequency.

Important: Our heart beats for the underdogs and newcomers on the HR blog market. In addition to old-established (and new) top dogs, we will also introduce you to a few lesser-known blogs whose content is quite impressive. Here, however, sometimes applies: class instead of mass, which is why the frequency should certainly not be weighted so heavily.


Corporate blogs


Frequency: ø 1.16 articles/week

Domain Rating: 81

Backlinks: 713

Personio has quickly become a name you can’t go past when it comes to HR. This is not only true for their extremely successful HR software, but also for their high-quality blog. From tips and tricks for the day-to-day business of an HR manager to reports on experiences and studies from the company’s own history: Good HR management is the focus here – and every HR manager can still learn a lot of exciting things.



Frequency: ø 0.23 articles/week

Domain Rating: 70

Backlinks: 2.44k

The Softgarden blog is all about recruiting. From the right job advertisement to tips on job interviews to new trends and digitalization – the authors and guest authors of Softgarden answer every question and convey even complex topics in an understandable way. When it comes to personnel acquisition, this blog is an absolute must-read!



Frequency: ø 0.33 articles/week

Domain Rating: 56

Backlinks: 796

Edenred is one of the absolute experts when it comes to employee benefits. The company itself offers digital solutions for benefits, and this expertise is also evident on the company’s blog. Here, all topics related to employer branding, non-cash benefits, employee benefits and more are discussed and explained thoroughly and in detail – and the regular updates mean that innovations and trends are always picked up and discussed immediately. 



Frequency: ø 0.23 articles/week

Domain Rating: 37

Backlinks: 4.67k

The team around Barbara Braehmer publishes comprehensive articles on employee acquisition, recruiting and personnel management in the blog Intercessio. The authors combine experience and learning from their practical experience and convey a profound understanding of their topics, especially active sourcing. So if you’re looking for exciting recruitment content rooted in real-world experience, this is the blog for you.



Frequency: ø 0.1 articles/week

Domain Rating: 48

Backlinks: 5.72k

With the Honestly blog, the name says it all. Honestly and straightforwardly, the authors here regularly write exciting articles on the topics of leadership, the future of work and digitization – always with tips on how to put the content into practice.  A special focus is on employee retention, especially against the backdrop of new challenges such as corona lockdown and digitization. Current and relevant topics communicated in an “actionable” way.



Frequency: ø 1.0 articles/week

Domain Rating: 54

Backlinks: 5.99k

In the vernacular, a woolly sow is a farm animal that has only advantages. The authors of the Wollmilchsau blog probably have a similar claim to themselves – because the articles manage to present even complex topics in a simple and understandable way every time. The focus here is on employer branding and recruiting, always with an online marketing perspective. For modern, understandably packaged HR topics, the Wollmilchsäue are the ideal place to go.



Frequency: ø 0.8 articles/week

Domain Rating: 30

Backlinks: 5.9k

Function HR is a spin-off of LMU Munich – and the scientific approach is also present in the blog posts. Much of the content is data-based and therefore precise and specific. At the same time, the connection to research means that the topics are current and relevant and quickly pick up on current trends. Nevertheless, the following applies to Function HR’s product and blog: The human factor is not neglected and is only further emphasized by the data-driven approach. 


Great Place to Work

Frequency: ø 0.43 articles/week

Domain Rating: 72

Backlinks: 39

What makes a good workplace? There are many factors and facets. The topics on the “Great Place to Work” blog are correspondingly heterogeneous. From workplace organization, Future of Work and sustainability to corporate health management, the contributions cover everything and are a great help for HR managers and office managers on the way from a good workplace to a great workplace. 



Frequency: ø 8.9 articles/week

Domain Rating: 83

Backlinks: 54.3k

The Haufe Group not only offers a wide range of HR development services, the company’s blog also regularly publishes exciting and high-quality articles on the topic of HR management. Here, the company’s mission is reflected, namely “People Driven Success”: HR processes that are people-oriented. With this approach, the authors dedicate themselves to new HR trends and, in particular, to the topics of recruiting and leadership.



Frequency: ø 0.7 articles/week

Domain Rating: 49

Backlinks: 86.9k

CareerBuilder is a luminary in the field of HR for a reason, as the company can look back on more than 20 years of expertise in the German market. As a result, the authors know the job market with its pitfalls and challenges down to the last detail, which becomes clear in the blog articles. Especially on the topics of recruiting and HR management, you will find regular content with depth and relevance.



Frequency: ø 0.33 articles/week

Domain Rating: 70

Backlinks: 184

Absolventa’s blog is aimed in particular at recruiters and hiring managers. Accordingly, the topics of the regular articles are around the topics of personnel acquisition, hiring and employer branding. How does an employer become attractive for applicants? How to be a good employer for young professionals? What are the new trends to watch out for? The tips and articles are practical and simply explained – this makes the blog a popular port of call for recruiters. 



Frequency: ø 0.3 articles/week

Domain Rating: 22

Backlinks: 10.4k

As an HR consultant, Ina Ferber is active in HR and especially recruiting on a daily basis. In her blog, the author comments on the job market and new trends in recruiting, illustrated by regular examples from practice. From helpful tips to unusual new approaches, every recruiter can find inspiration here and every HR manager can learn a thing or two about employer branding and leadership.


HR Rookies

Frequency: ø 0.26 articles/week

Domain Rating: 20

Backlinks: 17

HR is boring? Not for the HR Rookies. With their blog by young HR managers, the authors offer a new, innovative perspective on the most important HR topics and bring a breath of fresh air to the industry. It’s worth checking out – because there’s no shortage of inspiration. Even old hands in the HR business can learn something new here!


Persönliche & Experten Blogs

HR Journal

Frequency: ø 4.9 articles/week

Domain Rating: 40

Backlinks: 5.18k

One of the newer blogs on this list is HR JOURNAL by Helge Weinberg. Launched in 2020, the founder brings his experience in HR, marketing and PR to his blog – and with it a wide range of topics. From innovations and new trends, health and law to successful employer branding, there’s something for everyone in the contributions by Weinberg and his regular guest authors.



Frequency: ø 2.3 articles/week

Domain Rating: 60

Backlinks: 14.6k

Practice makes perfect – and Stefan Scheller’s many years of experience make him an ideal advisor on HR issues. The HR expert is the founder of Persoblogger, where readers can find posts on a variety of HR topics, but the common thread is his critical look at HR marketing and recruiting with clearly expressed opinions. But the blog not only covers a wide range of content, but also contains diverse opinions – thanks to numerous guest authors. 



Frequency: ø 0.8 articles/week

Domain Rating: 52

Backlinks: 27.5k

Especially the topic of HR marketing is close to Henner Knabenreich’s heart with his blog Personalmarketing2Null. His goal is to educate about HR and entertain readers. The latter is a unique selling point: because the humor in the articles, often in reference to negative examples, has a high recognition value. An additional advantage: the frequency of the posts. Here, people comment directly when something changes, especially in the area of job ads and career websites. 




Frequency: ø 0.03 articles/week

Domain Rating: 37

Backlinks: 2.79k

And yet another second blog from Henner Knabenreich! The Personalblogger is aimed at experts. Because the motto is: Contributions from HR experts (not only) for HR experts. Guest contributions are not only possible here, but expressly desired, because the goal of the blog should be an exchange of HR professionals with passion – about trends, experiences and exciting topics. 



Frequency: ø 3.2 articles/week

Domain Rating: 56

Backlinks: 19.7k

Gero Hesse is one of the “old hands” among HR bloggers: He has been the founder and author of the blog “Saatkorn” since 2009: As an expert for employer branding, recruiting, HR start-ups and new work, he informs here about current HR trends and topics – with a clear focus on case studies and interviews. In addition, he regularly has guests from the fields of HR, research and employer branding, who lend depth and relevance to the respective topic with their expertise.


Frequency: ø 0.2 articles/week

Domain Rating: 21

Backlinks: 3.04k

One of the more prominent HR blogs from Austria is Personaleum by Herwig Kummer. What stands out here is the wide range of topics the blog covers: HR, personnel development, corporate culture and beyond. There is also a focus on changes and innovations in the HR industry, which the author often identifies early and comments on in detail. While the posts are always understandable and well explained, a solid basic knowledge of HR and corporate culture is clearly an advantage. 



Frequency: ø 0.14 articles/week

Domain Rating: 29

Backlinks: 2.94k

HR is not a Crime is the blog of Eva Stock, who shares with her readers her experiences and opinions from over 10 years of professional experience in the field of HR and recruiting. In doing so, the author has not only built up a passion for HR herself, but has also actively sought out exchanges with people from other fields. This results in an exciting, individual perspective. The goal of the blog is to “move the HR world forward a little” – for us, Eva’s contributions are definitely an added value for the industry.



Frequency: ø 0.03 articles/week

Domain Rating: 49

Backlinks: 8.47k

One of the older blogs in this list is meta HR’s blog – Christoph Athanas has been writing here about employer branding, corporate culture and recruiting since 2009. The author’s 20 years of practical experience as an industrial psychologist, HR consultant and trainer are helpful here. In his articles, the author has a mix of longer and shorter content. The thorough research on the individual topics always results in exciting articles with depth, which are rounded off by the author’s personal experience and opinion. 



Frequency: ø 0.33 articles/week

Domain Rating: 28

Backlinks: 7.88k

HR4Good is all about HR management. The blog of HR expert Marcel Rütten covers all topics that are relevant for HR professionals, but with an authentic approach: Examples from his own practical experience, new products or exciting personalities. Opinions and perspectives are clearly presented and positioned here, offering real added value for HR professionals beyond mere information. Not without reason is HR4Good one of the most widely read German-language HR blogs.



Frequency: ø 0.03 articles/week

Domain Rating: 26

Backlinks: 7.92k

The core topic on the blog “Arbeitgebermarkenfreunde” is – who would have thought it – the employer brand. Everything about employer branding, especially the dos and don’ts in this area, are discussed here and often commented on with humor. The authors also recognize new developments and trends early on and make them a topic – so for an overview of employer branding, this blog is just right.


Svenja Hofert

Frequency: ø 0.16 articles/week

Domain Rating: 53

Backlinks: 14.1k

Svenja Hofert is a busy blogger: since 2006, she has been publishing articles on HR, personnel management and careers on three different blogs. Especially on her personal blog Svenja-Hofert she picks up current topics and trends – and gives her own view and opinion. This is based on years of experience and expertise, not least because Svenja Hofert has published numerous books. The contributions on her blog are rather irregular, but all the more qualified: It’s worth taking a look.




Frequency: ø 0.23 articles/week

Domain Rating: 28

Backlinks: 12.1k

Behind Team HR are Maren Kaspers and Melanie Marquardt – two HR experts with years of experience in social media and employer branding. The blog’s contributions also lie on this interface: tips and tricks, new features of well-known platforms, and also sometimes a critical examination of other opinions. The mission of the two: To inspire, excite, and empower HR professionals as “HR enablers.”

There are so many more great, recommended blogs that shine with expertise and trustworthy content. That’s why this best list by no means claims to be exhaustive!


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