This is how you really thank your employees

The end of the year is a good opportunity to say thank you to your employees. HelloFreshGO shows you what to look out for!

The Corona period: a challenge for all of us

At the beginning of 2020 nobody could have imagined what a challenge the coming months would be. A lot has changed for all of us – from private life and leisure to everyday work. Where cooperation and team spirit were previously the order of the day in the office, it was now time to stay at home, work from home and get away from friends and colleagues.

And yet: Many teams have surpassed themselves in this exceptional situation. Many have found new ways to stay connected and have continued to be motivated and productive. That deserves a thank you! Show your team that their commitment is seen and appreciated. HelloFreshGO has collected 5 tips to help you say thank you to your employees in the right way.


Say thank you for specific services

A general “thank you for everything” sounds like a cliché. In the worst case, you give the impression that you don’t know exactly what you are thanking for! This can be frustrating for employees. Your thank you has much more meaning if you relate it to specific services. The conclusion of an important deal, the stamina in a particularly stressful week – your team will certainly remember which tasks were particularly strenuous. If you address these situations concretely, you show: You too remember these challenges. And you are grateful for the commitment of your team, through which they were successfully mastered.


Think of all employees

In Corona times, team spirit quickly fell short – it is so important in every company. Especially in difficult moments, it is team spirit and good cooperation that make success possible. Thank you so not just to thank a few employees, but the entire team. In doing so, you show your appreciation for colleagues who tend to work in the background, because their contribution is just as important as that of the others. You made it through all the hurdles in 2020 together – that’s why every member of the team deserves a thank you.

But the same applies here: Be specific! Is your company too big to thank every employee personally? Then at least take the time to thank each department – it means even more to these employees.


Say thank you in public – gratitude is not a secret!

Your team’s performance is something you can all be proud of. So communicate your thanks publicly! In this way, your employees receive additional recognition from colleagues – and the atmosphere of gratitude and appreciation is transferred to the entire team. With this you show: The commitment of every single employee is important for the entire company and deserves a big round of appreciation.

Good opportunities for this are an open letter or a virtual meeting. Such events are wonderful occasions for team building and motivation. Nothing expresses this better than a sincere thank you to your colleagues.


Say thank you in special moments

When it comes to thanking, “less is more” does not apply: good performance always deserves recognition. But large gestures in particular quickly lose their effect if they are used too often. Precisely for this reason, times like Christmas or the end of the year are good occasions to say thank you to your colleagues – but especially with the relaxation of the corona measures, also the start of a more relaxed summer with the feeling of normality. In these moments, many of us review the past few months. We think back to good times – and with a successful thank you for your team you will make these moments even more special.


Say thank you with a present

It doesn’t have to be just words to say thank you! There are several ways in which you can add emphasis to your thanks. A personally written or signed card is a good option for this. This allows your employees to read your words over and over and be happy every time.

Or you express your thanks with a gift. It is important here that nobody is left out or missed out. Good ideas for this are therefore similar gifts for all colleagues; or, for smaller teams, a personal present for the individual employees. Make sure the gifts are of similar value so that no one feels unequally treated. The budget is of course up to you – but keep in mind that a gift that is too expensive could be uncomfortable for some employees. A good option are delicacies such as the snack boxes from HelloFreshGO, delivered directly to your employees at home.

If you take these 5 tips into account, nothing stands in the way of thanking your team – and you and your employees start the summer and the post-corona period with us.

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